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what are the different types of hazard? (3)

- static hazards e.g. roundabouts and junctions
- moving hazards e.g. other road users
- road and weather conditions


what are the different types of static hazards?

- bends
- junctions
- roundabouts
- parked vehicles
- skips
- roadworks
- traffic calming
- crossings
- traffic lights


what should you ask yourself if you see a sign for a bend?

what if theres a pedestrian or obstruction just around the bend - would i be able to stop in time and safely?


how can parked cars be a hazard?

- children dashing out between them
- car doors opening
- cars moving away


what should you look out for near schools?

flashing amber lights showing children may be crossing


why should you take extra care on two-way roads with a third lane in the center?

as traffic from both directions can use it to overtake


if you see a hazard or obstruction ahead on a motorway or dual carriageway ahead what should you do?

briefly warn the traffic behind you using your hazard lights


when should you turn on yout hazard warning lights?

if your vehicle has broken down and is causing an obstruction


at some bridges what may some high vehicles need to do?

use the centre of the road to be able to pass underneath


what types of vehicles will have signs on the back of them?

- road maintenance
- large goods vehicles over 13m long
- vehicles carrying hazardous chemicals


when should you not overtake?

- if turning left shortly afterwards?
- if signs and road markings prohibit this
- when approaching a junction
- when the view ahead is blocked


how do you prevent a car travelling too close behind you?

- move over if you can
- create more space between you and the car infront