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during winter a ford is more likely to flood - what will help you to decide whether you should continue through?

if there is a depth gauge


how do you drive through a flooded ford carefully

- use a low gear
- drive through slowly
- test your brakes afterwards as wet brakes are less effective


when is your visibility seriously reduced and what must you use?

- 100 m
- headlights or fog lights


why should you not use fog lights unless theres fog?

- breaking the law
- dazzle other drivers
- drivers behind wont be able to see your brake lights as clearly - may think your braking when your not


what are the studs on motorways that help you drive in fog?

- red studs for left hand edge of carriageway
- amber studs for central reservation


before driving in lots of fog and snow make sure to check

- lights are working
- windows are clean


when might you add snow chains?

if theres deep snow to help improve grip and stop skidding


what lights should you use on a motorway during night?

- dipped headlights
- sidelights if broekn down or on hard shoulder


what is coasting and why is it dangerous?

- driving w clutch down or in neutral for a while
- reduces control esp steering and braking
- esp dangerous when going downhill as can pick up speed quickly and no braking


what gear should you use when driving down a steep hill?

- lower gear
- helps to control the speed - good as brakes may become less effective if overheat


what happens to the engine when you drive uphill?

- engine works harder and youll slow down sooner


what will effect your stopping distance?

- your speed
- condition of tyres
- weather


why should you avoid skidding?

hard to regain control


what should you do if you start to skid after braking on a wet road without anti lock brakes and

- release fottbrake then if rear wheels skidding, steer into skid steering same direction
- dont brake suddenly


what do the areas used by trams look like?

- diff surface texture or colour
- white line markings


what is a rumble device and what does it do?

- raised markings across the road
- alert you to a hazard e.g. roundabout
- enourage you to reduce speed


are you allowed to wait in a box junction?

- yes if you want to turn right and exit is clear but you're stopped from turning bc of oncoming traffic


when should you leave your sidelights on?

- if speed limit 30mph+
- foggy