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when can you overtake a vehicle on their left?

one-way street


which lights must you use if youre driving on a well-lit motorway at night?

use your headlights


when will you feel the effects of engine braking?

when you change to a lower gear


you're travelling in the left hand lane of a three lane motorway. how should you react to traffic joining from a slip road?

adjust your speed or change lane if you can do so safely


you stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway and use the emergency telephone. wheres the best place to wait for help to arrive?

well away from the carriageway


your on a motorway and theres a red cross above every lane, what do you do?

stop and wait


you're driving in the right=hand lane of a dual carriageway. what should you do if you see a sign showing that the right-hand lane is closed 800 yards ahead?

move to the left in good time


whats the nearest you may park to a junciton

10 m / 32 feet


in center of road, one line on left lane is broken white lines, other line on right lane is normal - when may you park on left?

to pick up or set down passengers


what does number in blue circle w red cross through means

end of minimum speed


other that direction indicators, how can you give signals to other road users?

brake lights


what does circle with line from left top to bottom right through mean

controlled parking


when will you see red and white markers from three red lines, to two, to one

approaching a concealed level crossing


what does white circle w black line from bottom left to top right mean?

national speed limit applies


where are reflective amber studs on motoway

right hand edge of road


why are vehicles fitted w rear fog lights?

to warn drivers following closely to drop back


when may you enter a box junction?

when your exit road is clear


when should you use the right-hand lane of a three-lane dual carriageway

when your overtaking or turning right


you're going to turn left from a main road into a minor road. what should you do as you approach the junction?

keep well to the left of the road


at an incident, its important to look after any casualties. what should you do with them when the area is safe?

keep them where they are


you're driving in busy traffic. you want to pull up just after a junction on the left. when should you signal?

as your passing or jsut after the junction


whats the legal minimum tread depth for tyres on your trailer or caravan?



your vehicle has broken down on a motorway. in which direction should you walk to find the nearest emergency telephone?

in the direction shown on the marker posts


what should you do if its raining and your following this lorry on a motorway?

be aware of spray reducing your vision


you're about to go down a steep hill. what shhould you do to control the speed of your vehicle?

select a low gear and use the brakes carefully