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what should you do when passing a horse on a road?

- slow speed
- plenty of room


what should you do if there are animals on the road?

- be more cautious
- slow down
- stop and switch off engine if need to or asked to


what should you do if there is lots of drivers behind you if you are in a slow-moving vehicle

- pull over at a safe place
- let the traffic pass you


if you want to turn right, what lane should you get in?

get into the right hand lane


what distance should you keep from the vehicle in front in good, dry conditions?

2 second gap


what distance should you keep from the vehicle in front in wet weather?

4 second gap


what is tailgating?

driving too close to the vehicle in front


why is tailgating bad?

- very dangerous
- intimidating for the driver in front


why should you keep well back?

- esp if there is a large vehicle in front
- can see further down the road
- can see more = more prepared for hazards


what should you do if the car behind is following too closely?

slowly slow down to ensure if the car in front stops you have a larger safety margin to slow or stop


what should you do if someone else cuts in front of you?

slow down until reached safety margin


when should you sound your horn?

if theres danger, don't do it out of impatience or annoyance


what should you do with your lights at night?

dip them


when should you dip your lights at night?

- following a vehicle
- meeting a vehicle


what should you do if you're queuing in traffic at night to ensure you don't dazzle drivers behind you with your lights

- use parking brake and release footbrake


what should you do if theres an emergency vehicle?

- give them priority
- pull over as soon as you legally/safely


what services use a blue flashing light?

- fire
- police
- ambulance
- coastguard
- bomb disposal
- mountain rescue
- blood transfusion


who may use a green flashing light?

- doctors when answering a emergency call


when should you give priority to buses?

when they are pulling out of bus lanes


why should you be careful of noticing bus lanes?

so you don't drive in them


what should you be prepared to do when you see pedestrians approaching or at a zebra crossing?

- be ready to slow and stop
- be patient if they cross slowly
- don't encourage them to cross by waving or flashing lights, they may be another vehicle coming


what is a pelican crossing?

a crossing with stop buttons for the pedestrians to use


what should you do if your coming up to a pelican crossing with a flashing amber light?

- give way to pedestrians on the crossing
- don't start driving until the crossing is empty


what is a puffin crossing?

electronically controlled crossing. sensors ensure the light stays red until the person has reached the other side. no flashing amber light.


what is a toucan crossing?

allow cyclists to cross at the same time as the pedestrians


when should be the only time you flash your headlights?

to show other road users you are there


what should you do if a large vehicle is overtaking you?

slow down as will take them longer to overtake


why is diesel fuel dangerous when spilt?

its very slippery so be careful when refuelling. also be careful not to get any on your shoes as you could slip on the foot pedals. make sure your fuel cap is fastened


on a road where trams operate, which vehicles are most at risk?



which warning light shows highlights are on main beam?

looks like a d with horizontal lines on the left hand side