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....................................... – Written documents that are not part of the Written Directive System, but are informational in nature and deal with such topics as law changes, crime analysis, intelligence, JSO events, etc. Information bulletins or emails may not be used in place of a memorandum when policy or procedure is being newly written or revised.
Bulletins (Legal, Intelligence, or Information)
...................... – Those agreements entered into by both the City of Jacksonville (COJ) and the bargaining units acting on behalf of the JSO employees.
Employee Contracts
..........– All reports and documents, new or revised, used throughout the JSO. [FCAC 2.01]
a. Forms that require a publication number (P-number) are subject to Directive Review Committee (DRC) review and approval. [CALEA 11.4.2, 12.2.1]
b. P-number forms include any forms that are:
(1) Routed to, or require signatures from, personnel outside of a single unit; or
(2) Given to, filled out by, or require the signature of a member of the public (this includes detainees or inmates).
Throughout the various directives (orders and unit procedures) are instructions explaining the reporting requirements for the specific incident type or topic covered by each of those directives. For each incident type or topic, the related directive will explain:
(1) When reports must be written;
(2) What forms or applications shall be used for the required reports;
(3) What information shall be included; and
(4) Procedures to follow when completing those reports.
....................– A written document, which conveys a policy and/or procedure change. Under exigent circumstances, a ................... may be issued at the direction of the Sheriff or his designee (Undersheriff or a director). The memorandum shall reference the directive(s) in which its contents will be incorporated. If no expiration date is stated on the memorandum, it will expire .............. from the date of issuance.


30 days
...................– Directives that contain information applicable to all JSO members. Orders are numbered according to the location where the owner is assigned. The two types of orders are: [FCAC 2.01]
(1) Administrative Order – An order that is owned by an assistant chief, civilian equivalent, or higher authority, whose position is most appropriately suited to the content; and
(2) Unit Order – An order that is owned by the commanding officer of the specific unit that has been deemed to be JSO’s subject matter expert on the content.
...............– The process of removing a written directive or form from active use. Purged items will be maintained in accordance with records retention schedules.
Unit Procedure – Directives, which are established and maintained by unit commanding officers, that apply to members of a particular unit. All positions within JSO shall be contained within a unit procedure to ensure that each JSO member has a clearly established job description. Unit procedures describe:
a. The procedures that apply to the particular unit as a whole; and
b. The duties and responsibilities for every position within the unit.
............................... – Any written document (issued in either paper copy or electronic format) used to direct the performance or conduct of JSO employees.
a. The term includes:
(1) Employee contracts;
(2) Civil Service Rules and Regulations;
(3) Federal law;
(4) Florida State Statutes (F.S.S.);
(5) COJ Municipal Ordinances (MO);
(6) JSO policies and procedures; and
(7) Rules and regulations developed by JSO.
b. For the purpose of this order, the term “......................” shall refer only to JSO orders and unit procedures. Other written directives shall be referred to by their specific titles (i.e., F.S.S., employee contracts, etc.).
Written Directive

Written Directive
An organized set of written directive components, each with its own function, which provide employees with a clear understanding of the constraints and expectations related to the performance of their duties and responsibilities for every position within the JSO. The Written Directive System includes statements of JSO policy, procedures for carrying out agency activities, and rules and regulations for employees. The Written Directive System serves as a foundation on which employees can base their judgment and discretion in carrying out their duties. The Written Directive System is not intended to cover every situation that may arise in the discharge of employees' duties. The primary components of the Written Directive System are orders and unit procedures.
Written Directive System –
Directive Review Committee (DRC)
The Sheriff designates the DRC to review, revise, and approve all written directives and P-number forms prior to their promulgation to ensure they are clear, concise, necessary, consistent, in compliance with all applicable accreditation standards, and supportive of the goals, objectives, and operational constraints of JSO. [CALEA 11.4.2, 12.2.1, FCAC 2.01]
2. Member Composition:
a. Director of Personnel & Professional Standards (Chairperson);
b. Director of Police Services (Vice-Chairperson);
c. Director of Patrol & Enforcement;
d. Director of Investigations & Homeland Security;
e. Director of Corrections;
f. All division chiefs;
g. Police Legal Advisor;
h. Commanding Officer of Professional Oversight Unit; and
i. Senior Audit & Compliance Executive.
Duties of the DRC:
a. Review all proposed new or amended directives on the agenda;
b. Determine whether proposed new or amended directives shall be:
(1) Approved as written;
(2) Approved as modified by the DRC;
(3) Deferred to be rewritten as directed by the DRC. When an item is deferred, a DRC member will assign a person to be responsible for editing and re-submitting the changes within 60 days; or
(4) Denied.
c. Forward approved directives to the issuing authority for implementation and signature, if required.
Orders and unit procedures are approved by the DRC and issued to all affected employees by the Accreditation Unit within ............., unless exigent circumstances exist. These written directives will be issued in electronic format unless otherwise specified.
two weeks
Memoranda shall be issued at the following levels of command and affect all employees:
a. Sheriff;
b. Undersheriff; or
c. Department directors.
Information bulletins shall be issued at the command level of a ..........or higher authority. Other members of the Sheriff’s Staff may authorize release of an information bulletin under exigent circumstances.
Revision Process
Order and unit procedure revision suggestions shall culminate at the appropriate ..................office, or higher authority as applicable
department director’s
Directives or forms that are no longer needed must be submitted for DRC review and approval prior to being purged. To purge a directive or form, a Written Directives Routing Sheet form (P-1662) shall be completed, stating a reason for the purge, attached to a hard copy of the directive or form, and submitted for chain of command approval. Once approved, the hard copy shall be forwarded to the .................... for formatting and DRC review. [
Accreditation Unit
The DRC meets on a bi-weekly basis, or more frequently if needed, and recommends whether the suggestions should be accepted as written, are in need of modification, or are to be rejected. The DRC also makes recommendations to the Sheriff concerning the need for additional directives. Upon approval from the DRC, written directives shall be published within .............. unless exigent circumstances exist, and shall become effective seven days after issuance unless otherwise approved by the Chairperson of the DRC. Non-procedural edits can be made to a published directive prior to its effective date if approved by the Chairperson of the DRC.
14 days,
At least ................, all orders and unit procedures shall be reviewed by the owner of the directive who will recommend revisions, if necessary. These reviews shall take place in addition to any proposed revisions to a directive. The annual review is intended to keep existing written directives current, accurate, and in compliance with accreditation standards. The annual review will be assigned to directive owners within PowerDMS.
once annually
The header on the first page of any order will list:
a. The order number used to codify the order;
b. The title of the order;
c. The order type designation;
d. The version number of the order;
e. The release code indicating the review status of the order by letter designator:
(1) “P” – .......................................................; and
(2) “R” – ....................................................
f. The owner of the order;
g. The effective date of the order; and
h. The number of pages.
Publically releasable without review

Review for redactions prior to release
Administrative orders shall contain the following two sections:
a. Purpose of the Policy; and
b. Procedures.
Unit orders shall contain the following three sections:
a. Functions of the Unit – An overview of the responsibilities of the unit;
b. Hours of Operations and Callout / Notification Criteria – The operating hours of the unit and any criteria for which the unit would need to be notified and/or called out; and
c. Policies & Procedures – Any policy and/or procedures relevant to members outside of the unit. Specific procedures that are only relevant to members of the unit shall be included in the unit procedure.
When used in the Written Directive System, titles of JSO members shall adhere to the following format:
a. Directors, division chiefs, assistant chiefs, and civilian members of Sheriff’s staff will be referenced using ............................... (e.g., Director of Patrol & Enforcement, Chief of Professional Standards, Assistant Chief of Communications, etc.); and
b. Commanding officers and civilian managers will be referenced as the commanding officer or manager of the specific unit to which the directive is referring (e.g., Commanding Officer of Internal Affairs Unit, Manager of Crime Analysis Unit, etc.)
their actual position titles
When days are referenced in a provision (e.g., within 30 days, the member shall submit the required form), the number of days refers to calendar days unless the term “working days” is specifically used. For the purpose of the JSO written directives, a working day refers to a ..................................as established in the member’s Employee Information System (EIS) work plan, regardless of the member’s attendance status for that day (e.g., annual leave, training, special duty, etc.).
regularly scheduled working day
When an order, unit procedure, or form is being referenced, the following format will be used (specific sections will not be cited):
a. Order ### (Order Title);
b. UP ### (Unit Procedure Title); or
c. Form title (P-####).
JSO directives are considered “Read-only” and are not to be altered without following the procedures of this order. Directives published to the PowerDMS site may be viewed or printed, but shall not be downloaded without authorization from the ........................ or designee.
Accreditation Unit Manager,
In order to comply with the policy set forth in this order, supervisory and management personnel shall ensure:
a. They maintain and are aware of all current provisions of bargaining unit agreements for employees under their supervision; and
b. Bargaining unit agreements are made available for review by employees under their supervision.

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