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What layers does a midline incision go through?

Skin, subcutaneous tissue, line alba, transversalis fascia, extra peritoneal fat and peritoneum. No major vessels or nerves involved.


Describe a paramedian incision

3cm from the midline, sheath split <1cm from the midline, and posterior wall incised.


What incision is 3cm parallel to and below the R) costal margin?

Kocher incision or R) subcostal.
Double Kocher = rooftop = good access to upper abdomen


What is a gridiron incision?

A transverse muscle splitting technique


What lower abdominal transverse incision is used for pelvic access?

Pfannenstiel incision.


What is a lumbar incision used for?

An extra peritoneal approach to the kidney and upper ureter.