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What vessel supplies the midgut?



List the seven branches of the SMA

Inferior pancreaticoduodenal
+/- right hepatic
ileal branches (left)
jejunal branches (left)
ileocolic (right)
right colic (right)
middle colic (right)


What are the boundaries of the midgut or SMA supply?

From the ampulla of vater to the splenic flexure


What does the SMA lie on?

The left renal vein


What developmental landmark is the SMA directed at?

The apex of the physiologic hernia


What is the first branch of the SMA and its variants?

The interior pancreaticoduodenal - which may arise from the jejunal, and may give off the right hepatic


What to the jejunal and ileal arteries form?

Arise from the left forming anastomosing arcades


What are the branches of the ileocolic artery?

Arises from the right, giving off ileal and colic branches, then divides into the anterior and posterior caecal arteries


What is the route of the right colic artery?

The right colic artery arises from the root of the mesentery and passes across the right psoas, gonadal vessels, ureter, and genitofemoral nerve


Describe the course of the middle colic artery

The middle colic artery arises at the lower border of the neck of the pancreas then passes between the leaves of the transverse mesocolon. It lies to the right of the midline. On reaching the transverse colon it divides into left and right. A large avascular window is created on the left.


At what level does the SMA arise?



Describe the venous drainage of the midgut

Each branch of the SMA is accompanied by a vein which coalesce to flow into the SMV