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What is the dreaming?

Underpins all beliefs and practices, and defines all relationships and responsibilities – important for aboriginal people.


How is the dreaming communicated?

Art, song, dance, story and ritual.


What are the 4 categories of The Dreaming?

Origins of the Universe, Sacred sites, Stories of the Dreaming and Symbolism & art


Why is diversity important for the Dreaming?

• Keeps Aboriginal culture alive
• Different stories and laws are told and expressed within different nations and boundaries
• Dreaming binds different kinship groups together


Why is the dreaming important?

Shapes identity, connection to land, underpins beliefs, metatemporal


Explain the inextricable connection between Aborigines and the land.

• Dreaming is connected to land
• Aborigines, dreaming and land are all connected
• Dreaming sets moral and social bonds
• Stories flow from land