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What is the supernatural dimension?

An existence above and apart from the material world, it exceeds the ordinary limits of human existence.


What are the 3 monotheistic religions?

Christianity, Judaism and Islam


What are the 2 polytheistic religions?

Hinduism and Buddhism


What is the transcendent world view?

A belief in a divine being or powers whose existence ‘goes beyond’ human limitations. It is a reliance on God to guide us through life.


What is the immanent world view?

Recognises a divine being or power exists within a person/thing or as a constant reality. The idea that Gods or spiritual forces pervade the universe and are present in every aspect of life - tangible


What are the 4 characteristics of religion?

Beliefs + believers, sacred texts + writings, ethics and rituals & ceremonies


4 reasons religion contributes to society

Personal search for meaning, ethical guidance, sense of belonging and ritual meaning