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Scene of Pre-Islamic Arabia

- Desert region
- Trade
- Mecca was most important city  presence of Ka’bah and Hajj
- Hanif’s would go reflect and meditate in caves  find purity


Who is Muhammad?

- Seal of prophets (last one)
- Founder of Islam  received revelations from God over 23 years (messenger)
- Earned a reputation for being Alamin (trustworthy) and a settler of disputes


Why is Muhammad a role model?

- Looked up to as what Muslims should aim to model in order to become good Muslims
- Prime example of one who submits themselves to Allah
- Hadith is used to learn from wisdom and actions of the prophet
- Great, distinguished leader


6 Principal beliefs

Tawhid, Maliki (angels), Qur'an, Rusul, Akhira and Al-Qadar


Significance of Qur'an

- People of book  revealed sacred word of Allah
- Provided to Muhammad by Angel Gabriel
- Defines belief and conduct
- Contains ultimate guidance for mankind and gives spiritual direction


What is the Hadith?

Collection of traditions of the words and deeds of Muhammad – details how to live out the Qur’an.


5 Pillars

Shahadah  declaration of faith
Salat  pray 5 times a day
Zakat  give 2.5% of earnings to charity
Sawm  fasting during Ramadan
Hajj  pilgrimage to Mecca


Importance of 5 pillars

• 5 pillars unite Muslim community (Ummah)
• Aim of closeness to God
Beliefs are expressed through pillars


Belief and Pillar Links

- Tawhid & Shahadah
- Salat & Akira
- Zakat & Al – Qadar
- Sawm & Al- Qadar
- Hajj & Tawhid


What is Islamic Jurisprudence?

 Theory of law applied in a particular country
 Comprehensive and covers every area of life


Islamic ethics (order of importance)

1. Qur’an
2. Sunna + Hadith
3. Ijma – consensus amongst religious leaders
4. Qiyas – comparison with teachings of Qur’an and Hadith


What is Halal?

what is permissible under Islamic Law – largely applies to food, but applies to all aspects of life & behaviour


What is Haraam?

what is forbidden by Islamic Law – more often applied to relationships and behaviour that are unacceptable (adultery)


What is Tawhid?

• Belief in oneness of Allah
• Marks unity and existence of God


What is Maliki?

• Belief in angels
• Angels are conscious beings
• Messengers of God  the channel through which humans become aware of Allah


What is the Qur'an?

• Belief in scripture and books of Allah
• Muslims believe the Qu’ran is unchanged and the final book of Allah
• Qu’ran stands apart as the final book as the reliable and complete source of Allah’s revelations.


What is Rusul?

• Role models and messengers of God’s word for Muslims (Muhammad + Abraham)
• Muhammad is most important  seal of prophets, founder of Islam


What is Akhira?

• Belief in life after death/day of judgment
• Live with an awareness of judgment day and are accountable for their actions
• Allah either punishes people for their sins (Jahannam) or rewards them for their goodness (Jannah) – fate


What is Al-Qadar?

• Belief in fate/pre-destination
• Things happen through the plan of Allah and fate is predecided
• Allah gives human’s freewill to choose actions but ultimately their fate is pre-decided


What is Shahadah?

• A person becomes a Muslim when they bear testimony to the core creed of Islam – commitment to the path of Islam


What is Salat?

Pray 5 times per day
• Direct and personal communication with God in a meditative state
• Chance to break away from daily stresses


What is Zakat?

give 2.5% of earnings to charity
• Money is distributed to the poor and needy
• Enables a person to detach from their wealth and develop their compassion
• Bridges gap between rich and poor


What is Sawm?

fasting during Ramadan
• Muslims are required to fast consecutively for a whole month once a year
• Fasting is the best form of true thanksgiving
• Muslims go to mosque every night – establish community connection


What is Hajj?

• Pilgrimage to holy lands – Ka’bah and Mt Arafat
• Obligatory if you can afford and are healthy – at a certain time in year (July- August)
• Hajj connects individuals to the monotheistic, universal religion (Tawhid)
• About forgiveness of sin
• Ihram clothing – unites Muslim community by disregarding differences (race, gender)


Who are the 4 rightly guided Caliphs?

Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali



- Describes the practices of the Prophet and early Muslims
- Represents 80% of Muslims today
- Recognise there is nothing special or divine about their leaders except they have necessary skills in religious law



- Subscribe to Muhammad appointing Ali as his successor and therefore having centrality of authority over Islam
- No great difference in beliefs or practice, though Shi’a stands for ‘Party of Ali’