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What is the difference between Tasks and Events?

Tasks are actions such as phone calls and emails.
Events are scheduled appointments with defined start and end times.


What are Tasks in Salesforce?

Tasks are used to represent to-do items or actions such as phone calls, emails, physical mailings, and so on. Tasks have a scheduled due date, with an optional reminder at a specified time.


When do Tasks move from Open Activities to Activity history?

When the Task is closed.


Can you assign multiple users to Tasks?

Yes. This actually creates a duplicate task record for each user; it does not assign a single task to multiple users. The resulting tasks are not linked in any way.


What are Events in Salesforce?

Events are used to represent scheduled meetings, similar to appointments in your Outlook calendar. Events have a scheduled start and end time.


When do Events move from Open Activities to Activity History?

Events are moved from “Open Activities” to “Activity History” when the start time of the event is in the past. For instance, if an event starts at 1:00PM and ends at 1:30PM, then it will appear under open activities until 1:00PM, and will appear in activity history after 1:00PM.


Can Activities be associated to Custom Objects?

Activities can be associated to most standard objects. In order to link an activity to a custom object, you must ensure that the “Allow Activities” checkbox is enabled within the object properties.


Explain the capabilities of Salesforce to assign a task to multiple users.

When creating a task, you can assign the task to multiple users. This will create a duplicate task record for each user, not a single task that is assigned to multiple users.


What is a good use of Public Calendar?

Use a public calendar to manage group activities. For example, track a group’s events, such as marketing events, product releases, or training classes, or schedule a common activity, such as a team vacation.


What is a Resource Calendar used for?

Use a resource calendar to schedule the use of a shared resource, such as a conference room or an overhead projector.