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What are Standard Components in Salesforce?

Components INCLUDED with Salesforce.


What are Custom Components in Salesforce?

Components ADDED by a SF Administrator.


Some Examples of Standard Apps:

App Launcher


What is a Lead in Salesforce?

An unqualified Prospect.


What is an Account in Salesforce?

An organization that is a Qualified Potential Customers, an Existing Customer, a Competitor, etc.
Accounts are configured for B2B Relationships.
1 Account = 1 Organization


What is a Person Account in Salesforce?

A B2C (Business to Consumer) Record.
1 Person Account = 1 Person


What is a Contact in Salesforce?

Demographic information of people that are linked to accounts. If a Contact is NOT linked to an account than it is a Private Contact that is view-able only by the contact owner and the SF Admin.
One Contact = One Person


What is in Salesforce?

A repository of Crowd Sourced and Dunn & Bradstreet Contact and Account information that can be used to source new Leads and to Clean Up/Update existing data.


What is in Salesforce?

A repository of Crowd Sourced and Dunn & Bradstreet Contact and Account information that can be used to source new Leads and to Clean Up/Update existing data.


What are Cases in Salesforce?

Cases are used to track support issues.
1 Case = 1 Support Issue


What is Email-to-Case?

Email-to-Case allows customers to email a generic address (e.g. to automatically generate a case.


What is Web-to-Case?

Web-to-Case allows customers to submit support requests via a Web form.


What are Solutions in Salesforce?

Used to document and communicate common resolutions to cases to be "reused" by others.


What is an Opportunity in Salesforce?

Typically represents either a:
1. Completed Sale
2. Lost Potential Sale
3. Potential for a Future Sale
Opp Data is Referenced in Forecasting


What are Products in Salesforce?

Used to store information about the goods or services that your organization sells (e.g. Name, Code, Sale Price).


What are Opportunity Products in Salesforce?

Represents the products sold as line items within an Opportunity (e.g. 2 Widgets for $5K Each).


What are Price Books in Salesforce?

Pricebooks are used to establish different pricing structures for Products. For example, high volume customers may receive a discounted price for many or all products versus the regular price for a small-volume customer.


What is a Quote in Salseforce?

A Quote can synchronize product data from its related Opportunity record and can be generated in a PDF format for electronic delivery.


What are Assets in Salesforce?

Assets represent the products associated with an Account and can be referenced for Support issues. For example, if a customer purchases a generator, that item would be listed as an Asset in the Account Record as well as on the Opportunity record when a new Opportunity for the same customer is born. Additionally it is used for reference when a customer calls in for support with regard to the Asset.


What are Contracts in Salesforce?

Contracts are generally used to represent legal agreeements with an Account.


What are Campaigns in Salesforce?

Campaigns are used to track and measure marketing efforts. Leads, contacts and opportunities can be associated with campaigns. Data from Campaigns are used to measure Campaign statistics.


What are Forecasts in Salesforce?

Forecasts are used to project revenue and track sales quotas.


What are Reports in Salesforce?

Reports are used to display, summarize an chart record data.


What are Dashboards in Salesforce?

Dashboards are used to visually represent multiple reports on a single page. Comprised of many components, each component is typically a visual representation (chart) of report data.


What are Answers in Salesforce?

Answers allows users to ask questions which can be answered by other users. Can be used in conjunction with customer portals.


What are Ideas in Salesforce?

Allows users to create and vote on ideas. Ideal for capturing product improvement ideas and can be used in conjunction with a customer portal.


What are Activities in Salesforce?

Activities in Salesforce are split into Tasks and Events.


What is a Task in Salesforce?

Tasks are Phone Calls, Emails and other follow-up items. There is an associated date and an optional reminder and will appear in open activities until completed and then will appear in Activity history.


What is an Event in Salesforce?

Events are scheduled appointments with a defined start and end time.


What are Documents in Salesforce?

Documents are files that are uploaded into Salesforce . The Documents Tab is the legacy method of storing files, however Chatter Files and Salesforce Content are generally more commonly used for storage and distribution of documents.


What is a User in Salesforce?

A User record represents an individual, of any role (employee, customer, partner) that login to Salesforce.


What is

Product offering by Salesforce that allows users to create Websites with dynamic content driven from data within their Salesforce org.


What is Content in Salesforce?

Content is a method to upload and distribute documents and files in Salesforce.


What are Content Libraries in Salesforce?

Content Libraries are used to segment and secure access to Content.