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What are User Records?

Required to Login to Salesforce.
1 Person = 1 User + 1 License
Cannot be Deleted, ONLY Inactivated (auditing/history)
MUST be Unique across ALL Orgs
Records can only be assigned to an Active User or a Queue


What are Feature Licenses in Salesforce?

Feature Licenses working with User Licensing determines what actions a user can perform.
i.e. Creating Campaigns-
User must have SF User License, Marketing User Feature License (allows creation) and Permission (profile or permission set) that grants ability to create campaigns.


What are the KEY User Settings for a User?

Licensing- What security they can be Granted (User and Feature Licenses).

Security- What the user can See and Do (Role and Profile).

Localization- How information is displayed to the user (Locale, Language, Time Zone, Currency).


What are the different ways to login to Salesforce?

Web Browser
API (Data Loader- May Require Security Token)
Single Sign On (SSO)


What is OAuth?

External applications that ask users for permission to access Salesforce data. Remove need for security token but requires user interaction (Chatter Desktop).


What are Login Hours?

Prevent Login EXCEPT for specific times.
Can be used to prevent login during non-working hours or during maintenance.
Configured at Profile


What are Login IP Ranges?

Prevent Login EXCEPT from specific IP Addresses. Can be used to prevent logins from Home or prevent login without VPN connection.
Configured at Profile


What are Trusted IP Ranges?

Remove Login Restrictions from Specific IP Addresses. Computer Activation or Security Token are NOT required.
Configured Org-Wide


What is Computer Activation?

Required when Salesforce cannot confirm identify of login request. Sends email with verification code that is required to login.


How can you bypass Computer Activation?

-Login from Trusted IP Range
-User Previous Login from Browser (Cookie)
-User Previous Login form Current IP Address (stored at user profile). NOTE: NO LONGER AVAILABLE.


What is a Security Token?

A string attached to the end of a password.
Require for login via API, Except from a Trusted Network.
Resets when SF password changes.