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What methods can be used to store files and attachments in Salesforce.

Documents (Standard Tab)
Notes & Attachments (Related List on Page Layout)
Salesforce Files


What is Documents in Salesforce?

Store Web resources, such as, logos, DOT files, and other Visualforce materials in folders without attaching them to records. No sharing mechanism, but files can be exposed for public consumption. Allows for replacement of a document, but no version control. Access is controlled by folders.


What is Notes & Attachments in Salesforce?

Attach files to records from the Attachments related list on selected detail pages. Cannot be configured, no version control, or sharing mechanisms. Access to attachments is granted if the user has access to the record. As of the Winter '16 Release, files uploaded to Notes & Attachments can be managed using Salesforce Files.


What is Content in Salesforce?

Publish and share official corporate files with coworkers and deliver them to customers. Content provides mechanisms to share documents, version control, and granular access controls.


What is Salesforce Files in Salesforce?

Upload, store, find, follow, share, sync, and collaborate on Salesforce files in the cloud. Files can be attached to posts in Chatter. This allows for users to quickly share a file, but information can also get easily lost in a feed. Access to the shared file is determined by access to the post itself. Adding files directly to records, such as Accounts, Cases, Leads, and more, to keep information right where you need it.


What is Salesforce Files Sync?

Allows you to sync files/folders from the Cloud to your Desktop or Mobile Device (e.g. Google Drive).


Describe the capabilities of Content Management.

Content enables users to:
-Upload files and create links.
-Search content, including within supported file types.
-Attach content to Salesforce records.
-Distribute content via URL to non-Salesforce users.
-Optionally password protect URL distribution.
-Monitor URL distribution usage statistics.
-Create content packs to easily distribute multiple pieces.


What are the features of Salesforce Content?

Content features:
-Version control.
-Voting and rating system to identify popular content.
-Reporting capabilities.
-Live previews of support file types.


Describe Files home page.

Files home lists the files you own and have access to, including files posted to feeds. The 25 most recently viewed files are listed by default. You can see and search a certain group of files by clicking a specific filter on the sidebar. The search results are filtered based on the terms entered.


How to enable Content.

Content must be enabled at the Org level. Under the Salesforce CRM Content section.


How can Users access Content?

To access content, users will need the following:

Their profile must have the “Content” and/or “Libraries” tabs set to either “Default On” or “Default Off”.
The user record must have “Salesforce CRM Content User” enabled.


What are Library Permissions?

Each library member has specified permissions that determine what actions they can perform within the library.


What Content Related Lists can be added to most Object Page Layouts?

Related Content and Content Deliveries
The related content list displays content that has been attached to the current record.
The “Find Content” and “Search All” buttons allow users to search and attach content to the current record.
The “Find Content” button searches content using record criteria (e.g. Lead Company) while the “Search All” button does not.
The “Deliver Content” button in both related list performs the same function – creates a URL that can be distributed to view or download content.


What are Libraries in Salesforce?

Store, share, and manage your files in content libraries so you can decide who has access to files in each library and what permissions they have. Each org can have up to 2,000 libraries.