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Combitube cuff pressure

Distal / esophageal: 12-20 ml
Proximal: 85-140 ml


Eft cuff pressure should be no more than what amount? What risk is posed w/ high cuff pressures?

25 mmHg
Mucosal ischemia


Men vs women ETT depth in cm

Men: 23 cm at teeth
Women: 21 cm at teeth


Tube sizes for pre-term & term new borns

Preterm: 3.0
Term: 3.5


ETT diameter (internal) calculation for pediatrics

(Age in years + 16) / 4


Rational for us cuffed tubes and age recommendations for pediatrics

Prevents sub glottic stenosis and ulceration
Recommended in Children less than 8 years old


Define aerophagia

Swallowing air while crying (pediatrics)


CT ETT level

Tip of ETT at T2 to T3 or at level of lower edge of the medial aspect of the clavicle


Pediatric needle cric considerations

Laryngeal prominence does not develop until late childhood. Take care to not damage cricoid cartilage (only circumferential structure to support larynx)


Needle cric o2 goal

Short bursts high pressure source - 50 psi


Succibylcholine & histamine consideration

Release if histamine w/ Succ administration, increases risk of Bronchospasm... Vasodilation?
Vec & Roc = no histamine release


Critical blood gas levels

PH less than 7.2
PaCO2 greater than 55
PaO2: less than 60


Asthma chest film findings

-Hyperinflated lungs: diaphragm relatively flat, costalphrenic angles are blunt / squared off, very dark fields (hypo dense) / not as many lung markings, costals visible on posterior side.
-Heart is normal sized (pushed a little more mid-line / appears thinner / over inflation of lung is pushing in on heart)
-Also found w/ asthma, COPD, air trapping of any kind.


Dead space ventilation vs Venous Admixture

V=Q (1)
DeadSpace: air reaches poorly perfused alveoli
-V>Q (>1)
-PaO2 decreases, PaCO2 increases (ETCO2 decreases?)

Venous Admixture: blood passes through poorly ventilated alveoli. Venous blood mixes w/ arterial.
-PaO2 decreases, normal or low PaCO2


Pneumonia: consolidation of what?
Antibiotic should be received within:

Consolidation of proteins, inflammatory factors
Antibiotics within 4 hours.


CHF Chest Film Characteristics

-Hypertrophic heart
-R&L sides of heart have shaggy borders (pulmonary tree filled w/ fluid & expanding)
-Cobweb or white lines moving across lungs (Curly A & B lines, vessels engorged w/ fluid, basilar to apex distrubution)


ARDS Chest Film

-Cobweb appearance but does not have clear lines as w/ CHF (described as patchy or diffuse)
-hypodense areas (black areas in 1 or both lungs where aeration is taking place. Typically in middle off main bronchi, not in apexes (as w/ CHF)