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When was soviet invasion of Afghanistan?



Describe the gov't in Afghanistan

Taliban- strictly Islamic, harsh to women, gained power through fear.


Describe the terrorism coming from Afghanistan

9/11 attacks, bombings


Why did we invade Afghanistan?

Stop spread of terrorism
Find and kill Bin Laden
Get rid of Taliban
Install new gov't similar to ours


Describe the treatment of women in Afghanistan

Had to cover entire body, couldn't leave husbands, no edu. or freedom, public executions if rules were broken


What kind of weapons does Pakistan have?

Nuclear weapons


Why is Kashmir causing a conflict between Pakistan and India?

Resources, specifically water


How do Pakistan's borders with India and Afghanistan affect the country?

Conflict, religious conflicts between Hindus and Muslims, war.
Conflict between India and Pakistan because they both have nuclear weapons; India was a soviet Cold War ally and Pakistan was a US ally.


What is purpose of the caste system?

Puts people in different social classes. Peope,are born into their caste and can not change castes, they can only marry in the same caste, this determines their job.


What did Gandhi do? Who was he?

Resisted the British, civil disobedience, was in the highest caste, led independence movement.


What was the Taj Mahal and why was it built?

Some important guy made this as a tomb for his wife. It is a symbol of Islamic architecture even though it is in India.


Who produces most movies in the world?

Bollywood, India. Movies are shown on vans.


What comes into consideration with arranged marriages?

Caste, money, edu., moral values. Mom and dad arrange the marriage.


What is a very large and growing economic sector in India?

Tech- customer service, outsourcing


What divides N and S Korea?

38th parallel


Describe the gov'ts in north and South Korea

North: communist dictatorship installed by Russia post WWII
South: Republic installed by US


Why was the Korean War fought?

The north wanted more land and wanted to spread communism


Leader of North Korea?

Kim Jong Un


Describe the rights in North Korea

Limited, no cars or phones or internet, excessive propaganda, closed off to world, people can't leave, no freedom of speech or travel, no outside information, North Korea doesn't tell the outside world very much about what happens inside.


How does being closed off affect North Korea?

Starvation, bad economy, lack of information


Describe the economies in north and South Korea

North: bad, slow ec. circle
South: booming, great, shipbuilding, tech, cars, farming, 5th best economy in world


Capitals of N and S Korea?

N: Pyongyang
S: Seoul


Who was Mao Zedong and why was he important?

He was the communist leader of China. He wanted to improve china after the war between the nationalists and the communists. He did "the Great Leap Forward" in 1958, where the gov't told everyone what to make and how to make it. This backfired--production went down, and he abandoned this 2 years later. Then he tried the cultural revolution in 1966, where everyone got rid of everything that was considered "old." Production fell even more during this time, so China was embarrassed. The revolution was abandoned in 1969. There were then the four modernizations, (improve agriculture, science and tech, defense, industry.) people got to own their own land and decide what to sell, so the economy grew rapidly. Also, the industry moved from heavy machinery to consumer goods.


What was the "Long March?" When was it?

1934-When all the communists left their homes to avoid being killed by the nationalist army. They walked over 6,000 miles. Started with 100,000 people and ended with 8,000. Crossed 18 mt. ranges and 20 rivers. From this, Mao Zedong emerged as the communist leader.


What did the red guard do?

Enforced Mao Zedong's ideas during the cultural revolution in china. They beat and sometimes killed people if they disagreed with Mao's ideas.


What happened in Tiananmen Square and when?

1989, over 100,000 students gathered to protest for more political freedoms. 2,000 students killed, police executed the organizers,


What are two major resources in China?

Silk and porcelain


When were the nationalists in china defeated by the communists?



Why did a civil war break out in Pakistan?

Because it was split up into easy and west Pakistan, making it difficult to rule.


What is the main reason for tension between India and Pakistan?

Both have tested nuclear weapons and have refused to sign a treaty.


Describe the school system in Japan

Year round school, students prepare very hard for exams, most extra activities done through school. 1/2 day school on Saturday.


Who defeated Japan in WWII?

The US


What happened in Japan after the war?

It was occupied by the US, Douglas MacArthur helped set up a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary gov't (known as the "Diet") and a separate judiciary. House of reps. Holds most power, the Diet chooses the prime minister, the emperor is just a figurehead. People have same rights as in America.