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How did the United States become a power in the Pacific?

They controlled the Philippines, Hawaii, and Guam.


What effect did Commodore Perry have on Japan?

He opened the nation up to new ideas and trade.


Spheres of Influence

Areas wanted for trade


Open Door Policy

No single country should have have a monopoly on trade with China


Panama Canal

A canal in Latin America built so ships don't have to travel around South America


How did the US get the land for the Panama Canal?

They asked Colombia; they said no. The US Navy was sent to support a rebellion on the Isthmus of Panama.


How much did the Panama Canal cost?

$352,000,000 and over 5,000 lives


How did economic interests influence the relationships between the United States and Latin American nations?

The relationships got stronger and the US got more involved with the resources and farming


Why was the United States concerned about Latin American political stability?

They thought that Europe would intervene in Latin America


Why was the Roosovelt Corollary added?

So Europe couldn't intervene in Latin America and the US could act as a police man in that region


How were the corollary and "big stick diplomacy used?

To send troops to Cuba and take over the Dominican Republic's finances.


How did American and Latin American views of policing differ?

The Americans thought they were doing good, while Latin America saw the US as an imperial power that cared only about its own interests


Why did Cuba rebel against Spain?

An ongoing economic depression had increased Cuban's anger over Spanish rule


How did Americans respond to the Cuban Revolution

The USS Maine was sent to Cuba. It later blew up.


What other group was rebelling against the Spanish?

The Filipinos


How did Theodore Roosovelt and George Dewey prepare for the war?

They put ships on alert and contacted the Philippines


Why was commodore Dewey regarded as a hero?

He defeated a Spanish force with no American casualties.


How were American troops not prepared for this climate?

They were dressed in wool.


To gain access to Santiago's port, what had to be captured?

San Juan Hill


What demands did the US make of Spain after the war?

That Spain gives up other colonies like Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.


How did the Filipinos respond to US colonization of their country?

They did not like this and fought back. Order was not restored until 1902.


What restrictions did the Platt Amendment impose on Cuba?

The United States could intervene in Cuban affairs anytime there is a threat to life, property, and individual liberty. Cuba had to allow a US naval base too.


Why did American set up the anti-imperialist league?

People believe that the Americans should not deny other people the right to govern themselves.


How did most Americans feel about the results of the war?

They hoped that their nation would surpass the glory of the Spanish Empire.



The policy by which stronger nations extend their economic political or military control over weaker territories.


What two areas of he world were exposed to expansion?

Africa and Asia


3 economic reasons why the US wanted to expand?

Economic interests
Military interests
Belief in cultural superiority


Two reasons why the United States wanted to expand its military overseas

Europe did that send economic interests want hand-in-hand with military interests. Experts believed this and wanted to protect their money


Three examples of cultural superiority

Americans believed that their government, race, and religion were superior


Who purchased Alaska? For how much?

William Seward for $7.2 million


Why did the purchase turn out to be a good move?

It was a great bargain with lots of resources for little money


What other area was Seward thinking of buying?

The Hawaiian Islands


Why did Christian missionaries go to Hawaii?

To convert the local population to Christianity


What did Christian missionaries descendants establish?

Sugar plantations


When the queen came to power, what did she do?

She limited planters' power


How did the planters feel about their limited power?

They were upset


What 3 things did the planters do?

1. Staged a revolt
2. Overthrew the Queen
3. Set up their own government and asked to be annexed by the US.


What value did US leaders see in Hawaii? Why was this an important spot?

There was value in making a naval base at Pearl Harbor. It was a good refueling and rest spot for planes and ships bound for Asia. Hawaii also could grow sugar.