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What was the last region in France to receive AOP status?

Alsace, in 1962


Where would you find the Vosge mountains?

The Vosge mountains are located between Alsace and the rest of France, they are located in western alsace.


What is Grés de Vosges?

Grés de Vosges is a local pink sandstone in Alsace


What 3 typesof Muscat are allowed in Alsace?

The three kinds of Muscat allowed in Alsace are:
Muscat à petits grains
Muscat Rosé a petits grains
Muscat Ottonel


Along with the 4 noble grapes, what other grapes does Alsace allow for varietal bottlings of Alsace AOP?

Alsace AOP allows varietal bottlings of the 4 noble grapes as well as:
Pinot Blanc (Klevner)
Chasselas (Gutadel)
Pinot Noir


What is Klevner?

Klevner is an Alsatian synonym for Pinot Blanc


What is Gutadel?

Gutadel is an Alsatian synonym for Chasselas


Describe the relation between Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois in Alsace.

In Alsace, all varietal bottlings must contain 100% of the stated varietal; however, pinot blanc can be blended with the similar, but not identical grape auxerrois and still be labeled pinot blanc. Similarly, 100% auxerrois can be labeled as pinot blanc.


If a white wine from Alsace is simply labeled "pinot," what grapes are allowed in the wine?

A wine labeled only as "pinot" in alsace can contain any portion of:
Pinot noir
Pinot blanc
Pinot gris


What is the most planted grape of Alsace?



What is Tokay d'Alsace?

Tokay d'Alsace is a synonym for pinot gris in alsace which generally isn't used today


What is Auxerrois

Auxerrois is a grape that is similar, but not identical to pinot blanc. The grape can be blended with pint blanc for bottles lbeled pinkt blanc and can even be bottled 100% on its own and still labeled pinot blanc


What are two former names for pinot gris in alsace?

Two names for pinot gris in alsace that generally aren't used anymore are:
Tokay d'Alsace
Tokay Pinot Gris


What is the relationship between gewurtztraminer and traminer?

Gewurtztraminer is a pink-berried clone of Traminer and slowly took over traminer's spot in Alsatian vineyards throughout the 19th century.


What is Savignin called in Alsace?

In Alsace Savignin is called Traminer.


What is Traminer known as in the Jura?

Traminer in the Jura is called Savignin


What is the relationship between Savagnin and Traminer?

These two grapes are the same, however the name Traminer is applied to Savignin in Alsace and the name Savignin is applied to Traminer in the Jura


What is another pink-varient of Traminer found in the Bas-Rhin, specifically in the commune of Heiligenstein

In the commune of Heiligenstein in the Bas-Rhin of Alsace, Traminer goes by the name Klevener de Heligenstein


What is Klevener?

Klevener is a synonym for savagnin rose/ traminer in the Bas-Rhin of Alsace, specifically in the commune of Heiligenstein


What 5 communes in the Bas-Rhin may varietally bottle Klevener de Heiligenstein?

The 5 communes that may varietally bottle Klevener de Heiligenstein are:


What is the most recent, 51st grand cru of Alsace?

Kaefferkopf is the newest, 51st grand cru of alsace added in 2006


What is a synonym for Klevener de Heiligenstein?

Savagnin rose which is also Traminer


What two Alsatian grand crus are allowed to produce blends rather than single varietal wines?

Kaefferkopf and Altenberg de Bergheim


What grand cru in Alsace is allowed to bottle 100% GC Sylvaner?

Zotzenberg, due to it being a historical site for sylvaner


Give the required minimum alcohols for the 4 noble varietals of grand cru alsace

Riesling/ muscat: 11%
Pinot gris/gewurtztraminer: 12.5%


What is the smallest grand cru of alsace

Kanzlerberg (3 ha)


What is the largest grand cru in Alsace?

Schlossberg (80 ha)


What is the difference in flavor profiles and production between SGN and VT wines in alsace?

SGN (selection de grains nobles) has grapes picked in tries and suppresses varietal characteristics in favor of Botrytis

VT (vendage tardive) wines may show botrytis, but highlight varietal purity


In which grand cru is clos-st-hune located despite not including it on the label and instead bottling as alsace aop?

Clos st hune is located in the Rosacker Grand Cru


What is the required g/L of sugar in VT wines for grand cru alsace in the four noble varieties?

Riesling/ Muscat: 235 g/L
Pinot gris/ Gewurtztraminer: 257 g/L