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Name the four major Weinbaugebiete of Austria from North to South

-Wien (Vienna)
-Styria (Steiermark)


What is Morillon

An Austrian synonym for Chardonnay


What is Feinburgunder

An Austrian synonym for Chardonnay


What is the parentage of Zweigelt

Blaufrankish X St. Laurent


What is the most planted white grape of Austria

Gruner Veltliner


What is the most planted red grape of Austria



What is the parentage of Blauburger

Blaufrankish X Blauer Portugieser


What is Strohwein

Strohwein is a dried grape wine of at least Beerenauslese ripeness


What is Ausbruch

Ausbruch is a wine specialty form the town of Rust in Neusiedlersee-Hugelland (In Burgenland) which features grapes harvested at 27 KMW and is made in a process similar to Tokaji. Richy concentrated botrytis-affected must is added to less concentrated must and the two are fermented together then aged in barrel before release.

Furmint used to be used but modern Ruster Ausbruch is made from:
Chardonnay, Muskateller, Pinot Blanc, Neuburger, Welschriesling, Traminer and Pinot Gris


What is different about Kabinett between German and Austrian wine laws

In Germany Kabinett is the first rung on the Pradikat ladder. In Austria Kabinett is considered a subset of Qualitatswein rather than a part of Pradikatswein


List the DAC's of Austria

-Wiener Gemischter Satz (Newest as of 2013)


What is the minimum alcohol content for Austrian Pradikat wine



Name the Classifications for Austrian Pradikat



Name the subregions of the Niederosterreich



What is the westernmost region of the Niederosterreich



Name Austria's first DAC



What is the largest subzone of Niederosterreich



Discuss the wines of Weinvertel DAC

Gruner Veltliner only

Classic: 12% alcohol no botrytis or oak

Reserve: 13% alcohol subtle botrytis/oak acceptable


Discuss the wines of Traisental, Kamptal and Kremstal DAC

Gruner Veltliner and Riesling

Classic: 12% alochol with no botrytis or wood tone

Reserve: 13% with hints of new wood and botrytis allowed


What are Kremstal and Kamptal named after

The Krems and Kamp river tributaries of the Danube


Where would you find the village Langenlois and what is the most important Erste Lage site

Langenlois is located in Kamptal DAC and contains the Erste Lage Dechant (Brundlmayer is a good producer)

"Langenloiser Dechant"


Where do Schloss Gobelsberg, Brundlmayer, and Hirsch produce wine?

Kamptal DAC


Where would you find the village Kammern and what is the most important Ertse Lage site

Kammern is located in Kamptal DAC and contains the Erste Lage Lamm (Schloss Gobelsburg is a good producer)

"Kammerner Lamm"


Where would you find the village Zobing and what is the most important Ertse Lage site

Zobing is located in Kamptal DAC and contains the Erste Lage Heiligenstein (Hirsch is a good producer)

"Zobinger Heiligenstein"


In what Kamptal village would you find the vineyard Dechant. Name a good producer

Langenlois; Brundlmayer is a good producer for Langenloiser Dechant


In what Kamptal village would you find the vineyard Lamm; name a noteworthy producer

Kammern; Schloss Gobelsburg is a good producer for Kammerner Lamm


In what Kamptal village would you find the vineyard Heiligenstein; Name a notable producer

Zobing; Hirsch is a notable producer for Zobinger Heiligenstein


What are the only two grapes permissible for Austrian Erste Lage

-Gruner Veltliner


What is a Ried in Austrian labeling

The village. Sometimes producers will just put "Reid" before a vineyard site instead of the actual village name to indicate a top vineyard


Where would you find the village Senftenberg and what is the most important Erste Lage site

Senftenberg is located in Kremstal DAC and contains the Erste Lage Pellingen (Nigl is a good producer)

"Senftenberger Pellingen"


In what Kremstal village would you find the Erste Lage Pellingen. Name a noteworthy producer

Senftenberg; Nigl is a good producer for Senftenberger Pellingen


Discuss the classifications of Wachau wines

Steinfeder: Lightest style with minimum must weight of 15KMW and maximum alcohol of 11.5%

Federspiel: Minimum must weight of 17 KMW and an alcohol range of 11.5%-12.5%

Smaragd: Minimum must weight of 19 KMW and a minimum alcohol of 12.5% These wines will almost always show signs of botrytis


Where would you find the village of Weissenkirchen and what is one of the best vineyard sites.

Weissenkirchen is located in the Wachau and contains the Achleiten vineyard which is considered one of the best in the Wachau


In what village of the Wachau would you find the vineyard of Achleiten. Name a noteworthy producer

Achlieten is found in the village of Weissenkirchen in the Wachau. Prager is a good source for Weissenkirchener Achlieten


Name 4 top Wachau producers

-Emmerich Knoll
-Rudi Pichler
-F.X Pichler


What is the Vinea Wachau

Founded in 1983, the Vinea Wachau is an organization of estates who have sworn to uphold the tenets of natural wine making. The guidelines are spelled out in the Codex Wachau and include standards such as:

No additives (Including chaptalization)

No aromatization (Including new barrique usage)

No fractionation techniques like dealcoholization

Wines must be bottled in the Wachau from grapes grown in the Wachau


What was the Wagram known as before 2007



What is Roter Veltliner

Roter Veltliner is a red grape produced as a white wine found as a speciality of Wagram


What rare white grapes would one encounter in the Thermenregion


These grapes can be bottled varietally or as the blended "Spatröt-Rotgipfler"


What is Gemischter Satz

A field blend of wine. These are normally found in Carnuntum in the Niederösterreich


What is the name of the lake that separates the subregions of Burgenland's Neusiedlersee and Neusiedlersee-Hügelland

The lake is also called Neusiedlersee


Name the 4 subzones of Burgenland

-Mittelburgenland (DAC)
-Neusiedlersee (DAC)


Discuss the orientations of the 4 subzones of Burgenland

These 4 soubzones are split into Northern and Southern parts by Hungary interjecting between them.

In the north you have Neusiedlersee and Neusiedlersee-Hügelland.

The the south you have Mittleburgenland and Südburgenland


Name the four DACs of Burgenland

-Leithaberg (Neusiedlersee-Hügelland suberegion)
-Eisenberg (Sudburgenland subregion)


Name the DACs of the Niederösterreich



What Northern Hungary appellation borders southern Neusiedlersee in Burgenland



Discuss the DAC wines of Neusiedlersee

Red wines only based on:

Classic: Zweigelt with 12% minimum alcohol and allowing a "touch of an additional variety"

Reserve: Min 60% Zweigelt with Max 40% other indigenous varieties and 13% min alcohol


What was the first DAC to allow both red and white wines

Leithaberg located within Neusiedlersee-Hügelland


Discuss the wines of Mittelburgenland DAC

Blaufrankish only

Classic has 12.5% minimum with 13% maximum alcohol and Classic with a Specified Site has 13% minimum with 13.5% maximum. Can be aged in stainless steel or used oak

Reserve has minimum 13% alcohol with no specified maximum. Can be matured in used barrique or new oak large format


Discuss the wines of Leithaberg DAC

Located in Neusiedlersee-Hügelland

Red or White wine minimum alcohol is 12.5%

Whites: May be blends or varietal wines made from Gruner, Neuburger, Chardonnay, or Weissburgunder

Reds: 85% minimum Blaufrankish with max 15% Pinot Noir, St. Laurent and Zweigelt
Aged in used barrique or large format new cask


What is Lemberger

German synonym for Blaufrankish


What is Kéfrankos

Hungarian synonym for Blaufrankish


Discuss the wines of Eisenberg DAC

Located in Südburgenland

Red wine only from Blaufrankish

Classic: 12% Alcohol

Reserve: 13% Alcohol


Where is the estate of Alois Kracher located

Kracher is located in the village of Illmitz in Neusiedlersee


Where do you find the village Illmitz. Why is it important?

Illmitz is located in Neusiedlersee in Burgenland and is important because it houses the estate of Alois Kracher


What is the most planted grape of Styria

Welschriesling (no relation to Riesling)


What is Schilcher

A Styrian speciality made in Weststeiermark that is a rosé made from Blauer Wildbacher


What are the three sub-regions of Styria



Discuss the wines of Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC

Located in Vienna
Must be made of a blend of 3 white varieties. No single variety can compose more than 50% of the blend

Each variety must be at least 10%

Designated wines "Wiener" can not show wood tones and must be trocken in style

Single vineyard wines do not have to be trocken