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Three points about Mr Birling

- Priestley uses his incorrect predictions to encourage the audience to judge his later views
- uses Mr Birling to portray the strong capitalist views of the upper class
- represents upper class' selfishness and disregard for others


Quote for Birling's incorrect predictions

'Unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable.'
- repetition
- dramatic irony, play written after titanic, injudicious
- foreshadowing Birling's fate
- adverb, certainty
- arrogance, titanic aimed towards people like Birling

'Facts like that'


Quotes for Birling's strong capitalist views

'You'd think everybody had to look after everybody else as if we were all mixed up together like bees in a hive'
- ironic, exactly what Priestley says, people consider socialist views because Birling is stupid
- as if, mocking
- bees In a hive (chaotic vs. real organisation of bees, doesn't understand socialism)
- ironic, upper and lower class did mix eg. Eva


Quotes for Birling representing upper class selfishness

'If you don't come down sharply on some of these people, they'd soon be asking for the Earth'
- violence, lower class are like animals
- these, demonstrative pronoun, not even individuals, grouped
- suggesting he has earth to give
- all greedy, hypocritical


What does Mrs Birling represent

- prejudice towards lower class
- need for change


Points about Mrs Birling

- upper class found it difficult to accept responsibility, placed it elsewhere. Shown when she refuses to admit responsibility for eva.
- links class to morality
- feels her class allows her to judge whether a person is being truthful or not


Quotes for Mrs Birling refusal to accept responsibility

'I'm sorry she should have come to such a horrible end, but I accept no blame for it at all'
- saying sorry to be human, doesn't feel it
- conjunction, will not end on sympathetic tone
- at all - true inability to accept responsibility, committee for appearance


Quotes for Mrs Birling linking class to morality

"As if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money!"
- that, demonstrative
- exclamation mark, shock
- feels lower class are all manipulative and hunting for money, they live with their situations unlike her who uses status


Quote for Mrs Birling using her authority to tell if someone is being truthful

'She was claiming elaborate fine feelings and scruples that were simply absurd in a girl of her position'
- elaborate, lc unable of feeling such complex emotions, not humans
- girl, doesn't acknowledge her as a woman, views her as immature, Mrs Birling is the immature one
- her position, feels all lc are lying and scheming, ironic


What does Sheila represent

- gains social conscience
- takes responsibility from errors, tries to learn
- perceptive, despite being younger and less mature


Points about Sheila

- Sheila's character at the beginning shows upper class disregarding lower class, inferior
- younger generation were more accepting of responsibility, gains social conscience
- only person to notice power of inspector


Quotes for Sheila showing typical upper class

'She was very pretty and looked as if she could take care of herself. I couldn't be sorry for her'
- pretty, assumed she could take care of herself, just by looking, she could come to a conclusion as to whether she would be ok
- COULDNT, looks benefit enough

Link to Mrs Birling refusing money because her scruples were absurd for a girl of her class


Quote for Sheila accepting responsibility

'Between us we drove that girl to suicide'
- between us, all have responsibility, some more than others, but all added up
- drove, Birling's controlled Eva's life, mis conduction led to suicide 'chain of events' the inspector speaks of


Quotes for Sheila realising power of inspector

'You mustn't try to build up a kind of wall between us and that girl. If you do, the inspector will just break it down"
- mustn't, forceful
- wall, physical barrier
- us vs that girl, demonstrating wall
- break it down, power of inspector and socialism, omnipotent


What does Eric represent

- natural concern for lower class, still uses them though
- ability to gain social conscience


Points about Eric

- natural concern for lower class from beginning when he questions fathers politics
- not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Rejects stereotype that you have to go along with parents
- younger generation better at accepting responsibility.


Quotes for Eric having natural concern for lc

Why shouldn't they try for higher wages? We try for the best possible prices.
- they vs we, trying to link uc and lc, however still separate, inevitable
- ? - makes audience question
- sense of equality, everyone wants more, only uc can fulfil greed


Quotes for Eric standing up for what he believes in

'You killed her - and the child she'd have too - my child - your own grandchild. (...) you dong understand anything. You never did. ' (PG 206)
- repetition of you, accusative, blaming them
- fragmented speech, represents hoe he feels broken, cathartic
- trying to get empathy, Birling's not even concerned with family
- trying to hurt them and realise how their parenting was just hunting for money


Eric quotes for social conscience

(Bursting out) 'you're beginning to pretend as if nothing's really happened at all. And I can't see it like that. The girls still dead, isn't she?'
- bursting, becoming more angry, inspector is force of change
- you vs I, separating from parents
- rhetorical q, blunt, putting things into perspective to get emotion


What does Mr Birling represent

- upper middle class capitalist views
- selfishness and disregard for others
- people who consider their reputation as more important than their morals


What does Gerald represent

Upper class
Business organised relations ups
Feelings for lc, but just uses them
Capitalist views


Points about Gerald

- low morales, cheats on Sheila
- hasn't changed by end of play
- typical upper class man, stuck in self centred views


Quotes for Gerald having no morales with women

'Yes I suppose it was inevitable. She was young and pretty and warm hearted."
- inevitable, doesn't understand loyalty, can't help himself
- pretty, justifies affair,disrespect for women, men are allowed to give into temptation

'Now Sheila I'm not defending him. But you must understand that a lot of young men-'
- but, about to give excuse
- must, modal verb, forced to accept cheating was normal, couldn't argue


Quote for Gerald not having changed by end

"Everything's alright now Sheila. (Holds up ring)
What about this ring?"
Sheila : "no not yet. It's too soon"
- in denial of situation
- thinks he can reverse everything
- self centred, forgets eva and runs back to Sheila
- contrast between Sheila and Gerald, affected vs. no responsibility


Quotes for Gerald representing typical upper class

"We're respectable citizens not criminals"
- respectable, feels superior
- suggesting there is no i between, either respectable or criminals
- lower class assumed to be criminals, LINK TO MRS BIRLING


What does the inspector represent

- socialism, Priestley
- necessity for social change
- omnipotent


Points for inspector

- spokesperson for socialist views
- dangers of being stuck in capitalist views
- shocking imagery, to try and evoke emotions out of Birling's, repeats characters words to expose hypocrisy and faults


Quotes for inspector being spokesperson

"There are millions and millions of eva smiths and John smiths still left with us"
- millions repetition, many in same position as eva, would reduce if we accepted responsibility
- generic names, referring to everyone, not just eva

" all intertwined with our lives, and what we think and say and do"
- inseparable, cannot escape connection
- everything we do impacts others


Quotes for inspector revealing danger of capitalism

"We don't live alone. We are members of one body. (..) the time will come soon when if men don't learn that lesson, that they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish"
- don't live alone, saying we cannot be self centred
- members of one Body, everything we do impacts others, knock on effect of Birling's actions, all responsible, regardless of class
- if men don't learn aka don't become socialists
- fire, destructive, blood, desth, referencing war, audience know he is right


Quotes for inspector repeating words and using shocking imagery

Mrs b: she was claiming (......)
Inspector: 'her position now is that she is with a burnt out inside on a slab"
- her position (both Mrs b and inspector say it), making her realise her insensitivity
- burnt out, Eva's organs have been burnt and Birling's are complaining about high costs
- slab, just piece of meat, not human, Birling effect