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George secretly wanting Lennie

'No look! I was jus' foolin' Lennie cause I want you to stay with me'

- doesn't want to admit he needs his friendship


Boss not understanding their relationship

'Well I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy. I just like to know what your interest is'

So confused by their relationship
Lack of companionship between migrant workers


Isolation of migrant workers, crooks

'A guy on a ranch don't never listen hot he don't ast no questions'

Isolation means silence, would need to talk for friendship, but they don't do that
- only talking is lennie and cw, ends badly, friendship not possible for ranch workers


Desperation for contact, crooks

'I seen ge guys that his around on the ranches alone (...) after a long time they get mean'

So desperate for connection they get violent
Can't be nice so be mean


Crooks craving conversation

'It's just being with another guy. That's all'

- just craves connection, don't care if they don't talk, just wants a connection