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Moments in Novel

- dream involves being free from ranch life
- crooks confined to rooms
- others confined in bunkhouse with 'wooden latch'
- George and Lennie staying extra night at creek


George and Lennie staying extra night at creek

'Tonight I'm gonna lay right here and look up. I like it'
- last night of freedom away from ranch
- no worries


George trying to threaten Lennie with confinement

'I wish I could put you in a cage with about a million mice an let you have fun'

To George it is confinement
To Lennie it is freedom
Varying definitions of freedom


Whit wanting to escape confinement

'Whit found the place again, but he did not surrender his hold on it. he pointed out a letter with his forefinger.'

Bill got freedom the others don't have, voice made it off ranch, hope of escaping confinement


George talking about freedom

'An if a fren came along why we'd have an extra bunk and we'd say why don't you spen the night? An by God he would'

Concerned with friendship
Freedom means welcoming friends
Freedom for other ranch workers is to get away from ranch


George craving freedom

'George said wonderingly. (...) we'd just go to her'

Wants freedom of making decisions


Curleys wife confinement

'Standing here talkin Gina bunch of bindle stiffs (...) an likin it because they ain't nobody else'

Confined with Curley, can't even choose job


Lennie scared of confinement from George

'I thought you was mad at me, George'

Scared of confinement from George's friendship instead of being physically confined due to killing curleys wife