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Who does she represent

- Negative effect of patriarchal society, lack of status
- women trapped in unhappy marriages
- failure of dreams
- marginalised, vulnerable


Link to context

- George labelling her before meeting
- candy speaking negatively of curleys wife, expect promiscuity
- women's objectification
- purpose of getting married
- failure of dream


Isolation of cw

'Standing here talking to .... And likin it because they ain't nobody else'
- just wants company
- isolation, stuck with Curley


Trapped in unhappy marriage

'And then her words tumbled out in a passion of communication, as though she hurried before her listener could be taken away'
- built up for so long
- can't even talk to husband


Curleys wife inferiority

'They left all the weak ones here'
- even though she's the boss' wife, she has to stay at home
- weak by default, woman
- not even ostrich feathers make her powerful


Victim Failure of American Dream

'The meanness and the planning and the discontent and the ache for attention were all gone from her face'
- only after death is she real
- failure of American Dream inevitable due to gender
- pretty after death, ad makes you ugly


Evil force against men

'Everbody knowed youd mess things up. You wasn't no good'
- Adam and Eve, she tempted men and ended ad
- ended George and Lennie companionship
- girl in weed manipulated, both women and wear red


Men attitude to women

'She's gonna make a mess. She's a jailbait all set on the trigger'
- think they're all dangerous
- don't give her a chance
- George wants a girl yet says they're all dangerous


Sexuality of women

'Full rouged lips. Her fingernails were red'
- danger
- girl in weed wore red
- red is colour of sexuality