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What's the lumbodorsal fascia?

Fascia originating from lumbar vertebrae that covers abdominal muscles posteriorly.
Encases the retroperitoneum


Where are the renal arteries relative to the renal veins?

Posterior (runs behind the vein)


Which gonadal vein drains to the IVC and which drains to a renal vein? What about the adrenals?

Right gonadal v.and Right adrenal vein drain to IVC directly.
Left gonadal v. and Left adrenal vein drain to left renal v.


What is the "White Line of Toldt"?

Something you can cut through to access the retroperitoneal space laproscopic-ly.
("marks of the site of peritoneal reflection where the colon is attached to the posterolateral wall") - probs just trivia for now.


What are 3 arteries that come off the posterior trunk of the internal iliac a.?

1) Iliolumbar a.
2) Superior gluteal a.
3) Lateral sacral a.


What is "hypogastric" synonymous with?

Internal iliac


What are 7 branches of the anterior trunk of the internal iliac a?

Sup. vesical a.
Middle rectal a.
Inf. vesical a.
Uterine a.
Int. pudendal a.
Obturator a.
Inf. gluteal a.


What is the Space of Retzius?

aka. the retropubic space, it's between the bladder/peritoneum and the pubic symphysis. It's largely avascular.
(also trivia, until the surgeons pimp you on it)


What's the prostatic utricle? What landmark can you find it by surgically?

It's where the ejaculatory ducts (vas deferens and seminal vesicles) drain into the prostatic urethra. It's located at the "verumontanum" aka "seminal colliculus" - which is a bump you can pretty easily see.


What's the male version of "water under the bridge"?

The vas deferens crosses on top of and perpendicular to the ureter - right at about the point where the ureter joins the bladder.


What's the trigone of the bladder? What does it point you to?

Triangle thing in the bladder, with uteric openings at the two points.


What's the most important structure for urinary continence (at least when doing a prostatectomy)?

The external urethral sphincter. (the internal urethral sphincter is more important during ejaculation to prevent backflow)


What must go away in order for the testes to begin to descend? What makes them go away? When does this begin?

The cranial suspensory ligament (CSL). Androgens make the CSL dissolve and the testes can then descend

Transabdominbal descent by 12th week in utero


What layers surround the testis before it descends? (6 listed)

6) Skin
5) Scarpa's fascia
4) Ext. abdominal oblique m.
3) Int. abdominal oblique m.
2) Transversus abdominus m.
1) Transversalis fascia
(testis housed in tunica albuginea and it's in front of the peritoneum)


What layers surround the descended testis? (name 5) What original layer does each correspond to?

5) Skin - skin
4) Dartos - Scarpa's fascia
3) Ext. spermatic fascia - Ext. oblique m.
2) Cremaster m. - Int. oblique m.
1) Int. spermatic fascia - trasverse fascia


What happens to the peritoneum that's dragged down with the testis?

It becomes the tunica vaginalis, and should obliterate.


What's the pampiniform plexus for?

Countercurrent flow that keeps the testes and epididymis as cool and comfortable as possible.


Where is a hydrocele?

Between the tunica vagnalis and the tunic albuginea of the testis (between TA and TV)


What are 4 branches coming off the internal pudendal a. in the penis?

Bulbar a.
Circumflex cavernosal a.
Cavernosal a.
Dorsal a.
(and there are Circumflex aa. coming off the Dorsal a.)


2 emphasized features of the venous drainage of the penis?

The deep dorsal vein and the periprostatic plexus.


What does the tunica albuginea surround?

Really just the corpus cavernosums - not the corpus spongiosum.


What are the layers between the skin and the corpus cavernosum?

Skin, dartos/superficial fascia, Deep/Buck's fascia, Tunica Albuginea, corpus cavernosum.


Can you break your dick?

Yeah. It's called "penile fracture" when the tunica albuginea is ruptured. (always keep your adulterous spaces free of trip hazards)


The ejaculatory duct is the union between WHAT 2 structures?

Ejaculatory duct is union of vas deferens and seminal vesicle ducts


During the 7th-9th month- what aids inguino-scrotal descent?

Contraction of the gubernaculum under androgen control. Also helped by increased abdominal pressure.


What is the GROSS ANATOMY pathway from testes to penis?

Testicle-- Epididymis-- Vas deferens-- Up via inguinal canal- Crosses over bladder-- Joins with Seminal Vesicles-- drains into Prostate- out via penis


REVIEW: What can causes hernia in babies?

Processus vaginalis that has not obliterated (remains open)--> get a hydrocele


What important function does Cremasteric muscle do?

Retract the testes/ help them descend- for temperature regulation


What are the the 3 sources of blood supply to the testicles (3 collaterals)?

1) Gonadal artery/ testicular artery
2) Vasal artery
3) Cremasteric artery


What provides most of the blood supply to the penis? What other arteries are there?

1) Internal pudendal artery--> becomes dorsal artery
2) Circumflex arteries
3) Bulbar artery


What are the 3 sources of penis drainage?

1) Cavernosal vein --> 2) Deep dorsal vein--> 3) Periprostatic plexus


What is the function of the Corpus Cavernosa? Corpus Spongiosum? What tissue surrounds these 3 compartments?

- Bilateral Corpora Cavernosa (part that fills with blood during erection)
- Corpus Spongiosum surrounds urethra

WHOLE thing surrounded by Buck's facia


What's the function of the tunica albuginea in erection?

- Soft and elastic when penis is flaccid
- When penis fills with blood-- causes compression of venous drainage and helps maintain erection