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What happens when mesonephric tubules get testosterone?

They proliferate and form connections with the sex cords to form a continuous duct system.


What's the ejaculatory duct?

It's after the seminal duct has joined with the vas deferens.


5 structures that the mesonephric tubules give rise to?

1) Efferent ductules
2) Ductus epididymus
3) Ductus deferens
4) Seminal gland/vesicle
5) Ejaculatory duct
(pretty intuitive - they're all continuous)


Review: From whence is the epithelium of the bladder and urethra?



Where does the prostate and bulburethral gland come from? What does their proper differentiation depend upon?

Differentiation depends on DHT (NOT testosterone= key point)


What does the differentiation of external genitalia depend upon?



What enzyme converts testosterone to DHT?

An alpha reductase.


Where is the bulburethral gland?

Downstream of the prostate, in among the urogenital diaphragm.


What do the urogenital folds do in males?

They fuse, becoming the shaft / "raphe"/ ventral aspect of the penis.


What is the scrotum formed from?

Labialscrotal folds.


What is the processus vaginalis? Why is it bad if the processus vaginalis doesn't obliterate?

Is a double layer of peritoneum that provides a friction free path of descent for the testes

One is highly predisposed to indirect hernia.


What cells drive spermatogenesis to start up at puberty?

A new population of Leydig cells (testosterone produced also has other effects)

Produce millions of sperm for 40 years


Are males or females more likely to have abnormalities in sexual development?

Males - there's more to mess up.


What are 3 things will be underdeveloped if a male lacks the reductase that converts testosterone to DHT?

1) External genitalia
2) Bulburethral glands
3) Prostate.


What happens if a XY person has no working androgen receptor? How does it commonly present?

Male external and internal genitalia fail to develop.
Female-appearing person presents with bilateral indirect hernia - which turn out to be testes trying to descend into the labia majora.


What are the 3 major roles of Sertoli Cells in male gonadal development during embryogenesis?

1) Block gametogenesis
2) Produce AMH--> suppress Mullerian/Paramesonephric ducts (makes them degenerate)
3) Induce formation of Leydig cells (which make testosterone)


What is the skeletal muscle of urinary continence in both men and women?

Urogenital diaphragm with sphincter urethrae