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Describe cardiac muscles

-Only found in heart
-Pumps continuously without rest
-Has its own pacemaker


Describe smooth muscles

-Found in walls and linings of organs
-Controlled by nerve impulses
-Has contractions


Describe skeletal muscles

-Fibres in bundles
-Bundles wrapped in connective tissues
-Attach to 2 or more bones
-Joint is moved in between bone


Discuss the structure of a synovial joint. What are the structures in it and what are their functions?

-It is a movable joint
-It is a diarthrosis
-Between the articular surfaces is a cartilage, usually hyaline cartilage
-It has a capsule around the joint, which has a tougher outer lining. The outer lining has often got ligaments in it, the inner lining is a synovial membrane
-The synovial membrane produces synovial fluid which lubricates the joints and nourishes the cartilage
-Example is the hip


What is a connective tissue? What does it do?

-Tissue that supports, connects, or separates other tissues or organs, includes cartilage
and elastic tissues
-For example, it holds muscle fibres together and
aligned in the same direction and may bind them to a bone which they then move
-It can be strong and rigid or loose and flexible.