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What is a pharaoh

The title of the king of Egypt. It means "he who lives in the great house."



an oval ring containing the sacred names of the king of Egypt



the second in command to the king



the Egyptian government official who collected taxes



a brightly colored cobra goddess spitting fire at the enemies of Egypt. It was part of the war crown worn by the pharaoh.



A cloth headdress woven of linen and gold threads worn by the pharaoh on informal occasions



a kind of whip held by the pharaoh to symbolize his power


Why was it considered sinful to disobey the pharaoh?

Because it was believed that he was descended from the gods, so his command was never questioned. People could have their heads chopped off if they disobeyed him


What was the main duty of the pharaoh as high priest of the land?

Appeal through religious rites to the deities responsible for important natural events (like flood and sun shine)


List the pharaoh's other 5 duties

-maintain order throughout the kingdom
-regulated labor of the farmers
-oversaw the building and maintenance of irrigation projects
-coordinate tax collection
-chief of justice


Why did a bureaucracy of government evolve?

One man (the pharaoh) could not manage all of the duties to run the government. So, the pharaoh delegates some jobs to family members and other important people.


Who was the Vizier?

A prime minister, who was second in command to the pharaoh. There were 2: one for the upper Egypt and one for the lower Egypt


What were the 3 duties of the Vizier

-Handle everyday matters for the pharaoh
-oversaw the public works
- advised the pharaoh on important matters of state


Why was the job of the pharaoh so easy?

He owned everything. Everybody worked for him. Everybody thought he came from the gods and controlled the weather and lands.


Who was the pharaoh who reigned the longest- and how long did he reign?

Pepi II. He ruled for 94 years.


Who was the heir to the pharaoh and who were they supposed to marry to keep the blood pure?

An heir was the oldest son of the pharaoh's first wife. He would marry a sister of cousin (usually the oldest sister).


Describe the attire of pharaoh as he sat upon the throne. Tell what he wore on his head and body. Also, what did he carry?

He sat on a wooden throne.
He wore a double crown of Upper and lower Egypt. Sometime he wore a war crown (kepresh).
He sometimes wore a nemes on his head- a linen/golden woven headdress.
In his hand, he held a crook and flail.
He wore a white linen skirt.
He wore lots of elaborate jewelry and leather sandals.