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Where are the boys going?



How are they going to get there?

by bicycle


What does Laman make Frabkie do to use the bike?

he makes him clean his chamber pot.


What does laman force Frankie to promise if Frankie can use his bike whenever he wants?

he makes him promise to bet there when he needs something.


What mystifies Frankie when he is unable to leave the library because it is raining?

a book about saints and the way the saints look at the sky


What does Frankie do when he sees the word virgin?

he goes through the dictionary and starts looking up words that have to do with the creation of a human


What about St. Christina lead her to be his favorite saint?

she stood up against the kings rulings and survived various torturings.


What is Hoppy O'Halloran (his teacher) the only teeacher to do?

he is the only one to sit down


What does Hoppy make the boys do with a poem?

he makes them momorize all the stanzas and recite a certain number of them each morning


What does Mr. Ohalloran say Frankie should be doing in his future?

he should be attending secondary school and a university.


Where will they go for secondary school?

Christian Brothers


What happens when they tell the superior they were sent by mr o'halloran?

he slams the door in their face because they have no room.


Why is Angela upset when they get back home from the school?

its the second time a church has slammed the door on them


What does O'Halloran say is a disgrace?

it is a disgrace that the brightest of ireland's youth are not being challenged and brought up into the best of the society


Where does O'Halloran tell Frankie to go?

to america


What priest mission catches Frankie's eye?

The White Fathers of the Sahara


Who stops Frankie from joining by not signing the application?

the doctor


What does Frankie not understand?

he does not understand why masterbating or sex is bad


What does the redemptionist priest say masterbating and sex does to jesus?

he says that it drives another thorn or nail into jesus on the stake and he describes the pain to them


What "opens new worlds" to Frankie?

the priest that asks him if he did dirty things to a beast


What does Laman Griffen do when Frankie constantly tells him he promised him the bik?

he starts tp unch Frankie


what does Angela do when Laman starts punching?

she pulls him off frankie and is crying


What does Frankie start to do when there is no food at his relatives?

he sucks the grease from a paper