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What does this quote say, "Call me gutless, but what I was looking for this time around was a comfortable correspondence between income and rent, a few mild adventures, a soft landing." (Page 122)

This quote shows that the experiment could be very biased by choice of location as some lower wage families are forced to stay in an area where it is not always even.


What does Barbara realize she has to do in order to get a job?

she has to exhibit her personality by meeting with the managers


What keeps barbara from joining walmart?

the drug test because she doesnt think she would pass


Where does Barbara begin to work?

at a home depot like chain in the plumbing section for 8$ an hour


"Equally draining is the effort to be both perky and compliant at the same time, for half an hour or more at a stretch, because while you need to evince 'initiative,' you dont want to come across as someone who might initiate something like a union organizing drive" (page 127)

This quote shows that the ability to be a people person and survive in the job industry through personality is not a strong suit. She will have to work extra hard in order to accomplish these jobs.


What is barbara still afraid of failing?

the drug test.


what does she do to help her chances?

she goes on a detox program in order to flush out everything bad in her system


"This is not, all things considered, my finest hour. If I could just surrender to my increasingly aqueous condition and wait out the weekend with a novel, things would be looking up" (page 130

This shows that she is falling away from this life, and would just like to return to her own life of reading and writing without struggle


What is surprising about her friend's friend?

they live in a shanty room with horrible conditions and yet they are considered middle class because they make 40,000 dollars a year.


"Its hard not knowing" (Page 133)

in context she is referring to caroline not knowing about her friend's predicament. However, this could also show that it is hard for barbara to not know what the future city holds.


"Why, for example, am I supposed to leave her with my purse while she doesnt even trust me not to sprinkle some drug dissolving substance in my urine" (Page 135)

This shows that her trust is being called into question, and the way in which she values trust has changed.


What customer service job stood out from the rest?

The one for Mountain Air


What is Menards all about?

self discipline, money motivation, and positive attitudes.


What happens when Barbara calls Wal-mart after the mountain air interview?

they dont have a job for her


What is wrong with working in the plumbing section?

she doesnt know any of the names or uses.


What is the wage at Menards?



What does she have to do in order to work at Walgreens?

she has to attend an orientation run by Roberta


"The three principles are: Respect for the Individual, Exceeding Customers expectations, and strive for excellence, which are surprisingly unparalleled." (144)

This shows that she does not believe that these principle should be grouped together. Possibility for quarry against the industry of Walgreens.


What is a major theme of covert tensions?

stealing and trust


"You have to wonder, I imagine, why such fiends as these union organizers, such outright extortionists, are allowed to roam free in the land." (145)

This shows that the company and Barbara herself are completely against the Unions and what they stand for, but many of the minimum wage employers are a part of it


"Time left is doing anything other than working during company time." (146)

Similar to the first Chapter with not being able to take a break and always having to do something for the company. They believe that if you are on the job you should be working. The way in which you present a principle makes a huge difference.


How many final exits exist on the parkway?

infinately many


What does the bird do because she has not been home in a while?

scratch his feathers off


Why can she not just drop walmart?

their orientation has grabbed a hold of her.


What happens with Menards?

she drops the job because the wages and hours were not right


What is wrong with her at this point in time in the experiment?

she is tired. tired of working


Where is the tightest labor market?



What happens when she goes to Twin Lakes?

she cannot get an apartment.


What is the Clearview in compared to the other bad inns?

the worst


What does she think about the neighbors?

she is questioning their personalities and people.


"I am not a congenially fearful person." (152)

This shows that she is not afraid to do anything that most people are very afraid to do. She is referring to going to different cities alone and not worrying about being raped like every other girl. She gives thanks to her mother for this ability to not be scared.


What does she call herself as a worker at walmart?

a walmartian


What is the part that she will be working in in Walmart?

the soft lines which is really the women's clothing


Why do people in the stores not want employees to interrupt and ask if they need help?

they do not want to be interrupted and caused to stop what they are doing to answer the employee.


What does she have to figure out while working at walmart?

she has to figure out the lay of the land and decide where to put each of the things.


What is the manager's name that she will be working with?



What is the good thing about her working at Walmart?

there is no stress and no problems if she messes up.


How does she measure the work load in a day?

by carts of clothes after people try them on.


What is the basis of judgement for Barbara when she talks about Ellee?

she says that she is a feminist


What is wrong with her motel room?

there is a sewage back up.


What is wrong with Barbara's Shirt?

it is not a polo


"Who are these nutcases who would volunteer for an artificially daunting situation in order to entertain millions of strangers with their half-assed efforts to survive" (160)

She is one of these nutcases. She is volunteering her time and doing a daunting task for the enjoyment of the people reading her book. This is an example of irony.


What did Melissa do for Barbara?

she brought her a sandwich because she felt bad for her.


What has her job turned into?

it has turned into a troublesome time of fast returns and carts that never become empty.


What does Barbara turn hospitality towards people into?



What does she begin to become attracted to?

the order of the clothes that she puts away


Why does she not like when clothes or sold?

she doesn't know the messiness of the closet they are going to


What does she think of the new "Supervisor"?

she hates her because she always blames her on the things being in the wrong places.


What does she begin to turn into (Mindset)?

she is turning mean


What kind of schedule does she want?

she wants a stable schedule.


Why is she not ready to leave walmart to go to the dorm room from 19$ a night?

she does not want to leave her place in Minneapolis society where she belongs.


What is happening at the Charitable place she is staying?

two people are causing trouble by asking for bread


"Many of my coworkers are poor. Yellow teeth are a sign as well as insufficient shoes and Straight shoulder length hair held back by two bobby pins" (174)

This shows that she is learning the signs of a minimum wage worker. They have a distinct look to her, and she can tell who is having a tougher time than others. She relates her experience to theirs and is saying that hers is nothing compared to theirs


What is the process she now uses to put away clothes?

she bypasses the creative portion of her mind, and she lets the clothes take charge and bring her to her siblings.


What is her view on the industry from Walmart?

she believes that the people are completely industrialistic.


what does she relate her work to?

she relates her work to the people that come in. The people that come in are often mothers themselves, and it is their turn to throw clothes around instead of their kids.


"Even the woods and the meadows have been stripped of disorderly life forms and forced into a uniform made of concrete" (179)

Business is destroying nature


"But the labels serve only to remind me that none of these places is exotic anymore, that they've been eaten by the great blind profit making global machine." (179)

Capitalism is destroying everything.