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Lost Horizon
How does each character react to ...,
How does conway know that mallins...,
How does conway lighten the mood ...
57  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 7
Why does michael usually get the ...,
How old is frankie and malachy jr,
What do the kids do when angela i...
25  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 8
What does confirmation mean they ...,
Whatdoes everyone getting confirm...,
Who do they call quisimodo
43  cards
How many apparitions does macbeth...,
What does the first apparition sa...,
What does the second apparition s...
40  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 1
Where was the narrator born,
Where did the narrators parents g...,
Who is malachy jr
72  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 2
What part of ireland are they goi...,
What do the aunts do when they me...,
Who takes the family to the house
47  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 3
Where can mama not stand to live ...,
What is mama seeing in the house ...,
What street do they move to
47  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 4
What does preparing for first con...,
What does frankie wonder about th...,
What must the boys memorize for f...
24  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 5
Who are the only two people in th...,
Who does frankie want to be like,
What is unique about the communic...
44  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 6
What three words does the schoolm...,
What does the schoolmaster say ab...,
What is euclid
35  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 9
What does angela say about children,
What does malachy think about that,
What kind of money is coming from...
38  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 10
What does angela want to bring up...,
What rhetorical strategy does the...,
Why do malachy and frankie want t...
47  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 11
What is in the trunk,
Why does frankie get an interest ...,
What is frankie going to do with ...
37  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 12
What does malachy say in his chri...,
What happens when frankie and ang...,
How does the signal man act towar...
42  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 13
Where are the boys going,
How are they going to get there,
What does laman make frabkie do t...
23  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 14
What does angela send over to fra...,
What does frankie fantasize about...,
What does his uncle tell him he c...
20  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 15
What does aunt aggie do for frankie,
How does frankie react to the clo...,
What will frankie work toward aft...
26  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 16
What are the worst types of teleg...,
What does frankie try to do to mr...,
How does mrharrington react
14  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 17
What does uncle pa keating do for...,
What does frankie say uncle pa ke...,
What happens when frankie comes h...
23  cards
Angela's Ashes Chapter 18 and 19
What does frankie do when mrs fun...,
How is frakie going to get to ame...,
Is anyone else going with hime
9  cards
Nickel and Dimed Chapter 1
Where did she begin her journey,
What is the problem with being so...,
Why is she scared to start there
60  cards
Nickel and Dimed Chapter 2
Why did barbara choose maine,
What does barbara mean by whiteness,
What did barbara notice about the...
92  cards
Nickel and Dimed Chapter 3
What does this quote say call me ...,
What does barbara realize she has...,
What keeps barbara from joining w...
58  cards
Nickel and Dimed Evaluation
Why does barbara give herself a r...,
What does she realize about all jobs,
What were some of her moments of ...
29  cards

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