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What does Angela send over to Frankie while he is staying at his uncles?

a milk bottle of hot tea with bread and Michael begging him to come home.


What does Frankie fantasize about as his brother walks away?

he fantasizes about the life he will have when he is making money and is able to help out his whole family.


What does his uncle tell him he cant do?

he tells Frankie that he is not allowed to keep the electric light running or else they will switch back to gas


Where does Frankie go every day while he is out of school forever and doesnt have a job yet?

he goes to walk open fields and goes to a castle to hear the lineage of ireland


What does Frankie do when he is walking back through town?

he steals bread and milk because he says that he has already committed a sin, so a few more wouldnt kill him


How does Frankie justify stealing the bread?

he says that rich people can afford to buy new bread. He says that they will survive until Frankie gets his wages and no longer has to steal the bread.


What is one thing every boy in the lane will do?

rob the orchard.


What stops michael's tears?

Frankie promising him an apple ever other day


What has Frankie resorted to to live?

he has resorted to begging and stealing


What does Frankie do with the paper and the chips he gets from begging?

he eats the chips and licks the paper of its grease before his uncle turns the light off and Frankie starts masterbating to the pictures of the girls in the paper.


What is Frankie getting from the library?

his own library card


What book is constantly captivating Frankie?

the book about priests


What priests does frankie seem interested in?

the virgin saints


As Frankie is rading about saints, what kind of book catches his eye?

a book about love and the body


What happens when the librarian catches Frankie reading the book on love?

she kicks him out, takes his library cards, and tells him to go to confession and damn's the chinese


What happened to Frankie in the park?

he got an erection and people were looking at him funny


Why is Frankie scared of his uncle telling aunt aggie?

he doesnt want to be thrown out of the house


What does Frankie do when his uncle goes outside?

he steals a piece of bread from his pocket.


What happens the night Frankie decides to be warm and wear his grandmothers dress?

His uncle gets too drunk at the pub and aunt aggie comes in screaming at Frankie asking him why he is even in the house.


What does Aunt aggie say when Frankie tells her he will be working soon for the family?

she says its more than his father would do.