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What does Malachy say in his christmas letter?

he says that he is a changed man and he is bringing everyone home something.


What happens when Frankie and Angela wait for Malachy?

they are brought up to the signal tower.


How does the signal man act toward them?

He is very kind, offers Angela a sandwich, and gives Frankie a cup of hot cocoa.


What happens when the people on the last train beginning coming out?

Malachy is nowhere to be found


What does Frankie say when they dont see Malachy?

Frankie says that he is not coming and that he is drunk in England.


What does Malachy look like when he comes in the door the next morning?

he has lost his front teeth and has a bruised eye from a fight


What does Malachy bring his family?

a box of chocolates with half of them missing


What is Malachy's excuse for not bringing money home?

there was a shortage of jobs


What do all the kids say about the money?

they say that Malachy drank it all


What does Malachy offer to only have for Christmas?

the sheep's eyes from the sheep head


What does Malachy do when he finishes the eyes?

he gets his suitcase and prepares to leave


Where is Malachy going?



What does Malachy promise to do and how does Angela react?

malachy promises to send money and letters and angela gets sad because she knows it wont happen?


what happens when she gives the boys chocolate?

Frankie gets a nut in his chocolate and Malachy jr and michael get mad because they wanted it


What does Angela say the nut is good for and how do the younger boys react?

Angela says it is good for Frankie's sight and the younger boys say they would give him their nut.


What is daily life like now at their household?

they have to wash themselves in the basin in "Ireland" and dry themselves with a damp shirt. Then they have to wear stockings that have holes in them and hope that they can dry from the rain for the next day. They fight over cardboard and paper to block the holes in their shoes


What do the boys try to avoid going to school?

they try to avoid the kids that go to rich kid schools


What do the boys know their role is in the future?

they know their role will be working for England while the girls of their class will be working for the rich people cleaning their house


How does Angela react to people less fortunate?

she gives them food and shelter from what they have


What does michael do that aggrivates the family?

he brings home stray dogs and old men that are in need


What happened when a dog died when he brought it home?

he cried for so long and he dug a grave for it


What does Frankie enjoy doing by Mrs Purcell's house?

he enjoys sitting outside and listening to the radio


What goes through Frankie's head as he goes through the dial on the radio in Mrs Purcell's?

he is dreaming about the different sounds that he is hearing


What does the rent man say to Angela?

he says that if she does not pay money in a week then they will be evicted


What did they begin to use as tinder?

they started to use boards from the wall


What does Frankie do after his mother told him not to touch the beams?

he tried to cut the beams causing debris to fall on his mom's bed


What happens when the rent guy comes in because Grandma told him to get the house fixed?

He comes in claiming there was another room and another wall that "mysteriously disappeared".


What wall was he talking about?

the wall that they used for tinder


What happens when the rent man hears this?

he evicts them and says they must be gone in one week.


Where does the family probably go to stay?

Their cousin Gerard's


What does Gerard (laman) say when Grandma tells him the situation?

He agrees to let them stay and he will stay in the loft


What does Alphie do when they leave the lane?

he starts to bang on a pot with a spoon


What doess Frankie say he is too old for while he is in Gerard's house?



What do Frankie and the boys want to do when they wake up in the morning?

they want to go and explore the house and yard


What did Laman used to be?

an officer in the Royal Army


What does Frankie do all the time that he found in the house?

he reads the encyclopedia so he can know everything about everything


What does Laman do alot?

he sleeps and drinks


What does Laman make Angela do?

he makes her clean the chamber pot and send the boys on his errands./


What does the librarian say about Laman?

she says that he is a genius


What happened to Grandma?

she got pneumonia from the night they moved?


what happened to her oldest son?

he died in England with the consumption


Where does Malachy go?

to the Irish Army to play the trumpet