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What does preparing for First Confession and First Communion mean to the school master?

it means to become good catholics, know the difference betweeen right or wrong, and die for the faith


What does Frankie wonder about the deaths of his siblings?

he wonders who they died for: Ireland or the Faith


What must the boys memorize for first communion?

the green catechism


Who is Mikey Molloy?

an eleven year old kid that knows everything about girls bodies


what is wrong with molloy?

he has cross eyes


what does mikey do to make money?

he delivers sacks of coal that people want, and he delvers messages for old people.


Where does Mikey's mother find relief?

in the asylum


What does Nora Molloy do when she knows she is going to the asylum?

she bakes bread for her kids.


Why is Nora worried about if Mikey dies when she comes out of the Asylum?

he is not confirmed because he could not eat the wafer for communion.


what is the best part of communion?

getting collection


What does Mikey plan to do with his life when he gets older?

he plans to be a player and drink pints like his father can


What does the Schoolmaster Mr. Benson hate?

he hates when people ask questions


what does Mr. Benson say the collection money should go to?

kids in Africa that are unable to learn about christ


Who is Paddy Clohessy?

a boy in school


What is Paddy's life like?

he is the oldest boy in the class. He hates his home life and school and just wants to join the army and find a wife in india.


What did Frankie do for Paddy?

he gave him the only raisin that could be found in the bread in school.


why did frankie give paddy the raisin?

because he looked like a cold, kicked dog hiding in a corner.


according to mr benson, what is the holiest moment in their lives?

the day they get holy communion


What did Mikey tell Frankie about Cuchulain?

a dirsty story about his wife


What did all the women in Ireland have to do to marry Cuchulain>

they had to see who could pee the longest


What did Frankie do with the angel on the seventh step?

he talked to him and the angel responded


why is frankie scared of confession?

he is afraid that his sin will be the worst of all


how did the confession go?

the story about emer and cuchulain turned out to be false and frankie's sins are repented.


what does his grandmother make him do?

she makes him go into confesssion various times after throwing up after first ocmmunion