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why did FDR withdraw from the London Economic Conference?

he was unwilling to sacrifice the possibility of domestic recovery for the sake of international cooperation - he wanted inflation but they wanted to stabilize


Why did the U.S. recognize the Soviet Union?

trade and counterweight to German and Japanese power


The U.S. promised the Philippines independence. Why?

Tydings-McDuffie Act in 1934 provided independence 12 years later after political and economic tutelage - they were becoming a burden


What were the reasons for the Good Neighbor Policy? (2)

needed Latin America allies

regional power


Describe FDR's foreign policy position

isolated but wanted foreign trade


How did FDR view tariffs?

lowers tariffs to increase trade - Reciprocal Trade


How did the U.S. respond to aggression around the world in the 1930s?



Give examples of the aggression by each of the dictators (3)

Mussolini invades Ethiopia

Hitler invades Czechoslovakia

Franco overthrows the Republic of Spain


what was the affect of the Neutrality Acts of 1935, 36, and 37? (4)

Abandonment of the tradition freedom of the seas

making no distinction between aggressors and victims

spurring aggressors along their path of conquest

balancing the scales


How was the U.S. too respond, based on the Neutrality Acts when countries went to war?

Americans were prohibited from sailing on the ships of the warring nation, no selling or transporting munitions to them


Which side did the U.S. support in the Spanish Civil War?

Neutral – allowed Spain to become a fascist dictatorship


How did the American people respond to the Quarantine Speech in 1937?

Isolationists protested it


What was the "deal" arrived at in Munich in 1938?

British and French bought peace with Hitler by handing over Czechoslovakia


What happened after Germany's non-aggression agreement with the Soviet Union ?

Germany invades Poland and starts WWII


What did we do when a ship tried to bring Jews to this country to escape the camps?

Sent them away


How did the U.S. help Jews during the Holocaust?

War Refugee Board, only about 150,000 Jews found refuge in the U.S.


How did Congress react to the fall of France?

Pass a conscription law, neutrality ended


By 1940, describe the American public opinion

Favored providing Britain with all aid short of war


Why did FDR run for a third term in 1940?

US needed experienced leadership during this crisis


Describe lend-lease

Focus on intense debate between internationalists and isolationists , direct challenge to the axis dictators, neutrality abandoned, factories prepare for all-out war production


What did the U.S. do when Germany invaded the Soviet Union?

Lend-lease available to SU


Describe Wendell Wilkie's campaign in 1940

Avoided attacking the New Deal


By 1941, why did Japan decide to go to war against the U.S.?

FDR insisted Japan withdraw from China


Why was the U.S. surprised by the attack at Pearl Harbor?

FRD expected Malaya or the Philippines to be attacked


Before Pearl Harbor, how did most Americans feel about the war?

Wanted the US to stay out of war


Arrange these events in order: Atlantic Conference, Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, and the fall of France.

Fall of France, Hitler invades SU, Atlantic Conference