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Is there any difference in PRRs and Antigen Recognition Receptors

Yes! PRRs identify things like LPS whereas peptides are recognized by ARRs. ARRs are present on T cells


What are the type of IFNs in the body

There are 2 types of IFNs. IFN-I and IFN-II. IFN-I include alpha and beta IFNs whereas IFN-II includes gamma


What is C reactive protein a measure of in a blood test

It is a measure of inflammation


What is an ESR test

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. It is a test where the RBCs are allowed to sediment in a long test tube and the rate at which they sediment is determined (in mm per unit time). This rate is increased by acute phase reactants such as C reactive proteins since these cause the RBCs to clump so they're gonna fall faster. This rate can also increase if there are fewer RBCs, such as when the patient has anemia


Compare ESR with CRP tests

CRP is useful for acute inflammation, it goes up faster and goes down faster with the different stages of the disease. ESR can be associated with chronic inflammation


What are the 2 main APCs

Dendritic and macrophages


What are the main jobs of macrophages and dendritic cells

Macrophages make cytokines to give off danger signals, dendritic cells go to the lymph nodes and present the antigen to the lymphocytes


What cytokines are made by macrophages

IL-1. TNF (TNFalpha, same thing) and IL-6 and also chemokines as well.

IL-1 causes fever, goes to the brain and increases the thermostat

TNF and IL-6 goes to the liver and tells it to make acute phase reactants. Also they cause vasodilation that leads to inflammation