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What is adalimumab

Humira is the trade name, it is an anti TNF


What are the categories of Immune deficiencies that you have to go through when prescribing anti inflammatory drugs or immuno suppressive drugs such as adalimumab

1. T cell deficiency - like AIDS

2. B cell deficiency - agammaglobulinemia

3. Combined B and T cell deficiency - SCIDs

4. Complement system defect

5. Defect in the effectiveness of phagocytes - Chediak Higashi syndrome



Those people who have C3 deficiency, what kind of diseases are they susceptible to

Steptococcal infections like pneumonia



What kind of therapy is there for those patient that have a suppressed immune system

HAART: Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy


What kind of infections can you get with low CD4 count

1. 500 - no infections, normal

2. 200 to 500, increased risk of certain infections such as shingles, thrush, skin infections, lung infections, TB, diarheal infections like cryptosporadium that you can get from your dog

3. Below 200, increased risk of Penumocystic pneumonia, chemoprophylaxis is given to prevent this

4. Below 100, preventive treatment should begin like for toxoplasmosis, cryptococcus meningitis

5. Below 50, increased risk to cytomegalovirus and MAI