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When a member is made aware of or witnesses conspicuous service by a citizen, what is to be done?

Whenever a member of the Department observes, or has called to their attention, a conspicuous service performed at the scene of any emergency by persons other than members of the Department, they shall immediately report that fact to the incident commander.
(Art XIV, Sec 1)


What information is to be obtained, and by whom, about conspicuous services by a citizen?

The incident commander shall obtain, or cause to be obtained, full facts and circumstances and shall submit a Special Report to the appropriate bureau head, giving the name of the person(s) involved, the nature of the service performed and all other particulars concerning the incident.
(Art XIV, Sec 1)


What are incentive awards designed to do?

1. To encourage employees to participate in improving the efficiency and economy of D.C. and Federal Government operations.

2. To recognize and reward employees, individually or in groups, for their suggestions, inventions, superior accomplishments, or other personal efforts which contribute to efficiency, economy, or other improvements in D.C. or Federal Government operations.

3. To recognize and reward employees, individually or in groups, that perform special acts or services in the public interest, in connection with or related to, their official employment.
(Art XIV, Sec 2)


What is the makeup of the Dept Incentive Award Committee?

Assistant Fire Chief (or designee) as Chairman, Public Information Officer, Diversity Management Officer, and a representative of the division which will be affected (Art XIV, Sec 2)


What form is to be completed for members nominated for an incentive award?

Employee's contributions, to be eligible for award, must be described in writing on D.C. Form 25, in duplicate, by the member(s) concerned or by the appropriate supervisor, and submitted through regular channels, or in a sealed envelope to the Department Incentive Awards Committee.
(Art XIV, Sec 2)


What must be performed to obtain a length of service award pin?

In order to obtain and maintain a current list of members who will be eligible for a District of Columbia Length of Service Award arid Pin, Company Commanders in the [Operations Division], and heads of other divisions, will prepare and submit F&EMSD Form 67.1 no later than March 15th of each year.
(Art XIV, Sec 3)


What information is to be provided on the FD Form 67.1?

Form 67.1 will be prepared by listing all members who will have completed ten (10), twenty (20), thirty (30) or forty (40) years of D.C. Government service on or before December 31st of that year. The names of eligible members will be listed alphabetically, last name first, in the appropriate length of service category.

The original and one (1) copy of the completed form shall be forwarded to the Public Information Office and one (1) copy shall be retained in the originating office. Form 67.1 shall be submitted annually. Ifthe company has no eligible members for the 10, 20, 30, or 40 year awards; the form will be submitted with the applicable boxes checked.
(Art XIV, Sec 3)