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Who is responsible for assigning a person to shut off gas on an emergency, and when?

Upon Assuming duty, Truck Platoon Commanders assign a person to shut off gas


What should happen when a gas valve has been shut off?

Attach red, shut off tag to the appliance or valve
Notify platoon commander, who will notify OUC to notify gas company


Which member is responsible for turning gas back on at the end of the emergency?

None, do not turn on, remove tag or re-light any pilot lights


How should you request a fire investigator?

Via phone or Channel 2 to OUC


If arson is suspected and the suspect is thought to be on the scene, who gets notified?

IC will notify OUC who will notify Fire/Arson Investigator, MPD and Arson TF


What should be used on fires involving US mail, and who should be notified?

C02, dry chem, (if in chute other agents may be necessary), notify OUC to notify Post Office


May locks be broken on mail containers?

If in a vehicle and the compartment has fire


What should happen if you discover a dead body?

Do not move if possible and notify OUC


If a premise cannot be secured, who is responsible and what happens?

Officer of last company is responsible and he should obtain the name of owner/occupant for a journal entry. If left with MPD enter his badge in the journal and transmit to OUC the same information


If a building is discovered to be structurally unsafe, who is notified?

OUC to Emergency Management Agency to an inspector from Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Building and Land Regulation Administration. IF OCCUPIED, a Fire Investigator


If a vacant structure is unsafe, how should it be marked?

With an Orange “Danger” placard, at the point of entry, and ALL exterior walls in an area not easily accessed by vandals


If a vacant structure is unsafe, who should be notified?

BFC in first due area, onto FPD, Mayor’s Call Center


How are placards marked?

Company Officer’s signature, Company, Violation (Unsafe Building F-110.3)


Where should water come from for a standpipe or sprinkler system?

Only a hydrant from Municipal water supply system


What should be done with a flowing sprinkler system?

Call for sprinkler system kit from Rescue Squad, If it cannot be put back in service notify OUC and Responsible party on scene, fill out a Form 22


If resetting a Fire Alarm in a temporary manor, or it is placed out of service, What should be done?

Notify OUC, Fill out a Form 22


AFA form?

Form 22 AFA


Do manual pull stations require a Form 22 AFA?



When is dual pumping of hydrants permissible?

To eliminate long layouts, speed is required, maximum water is required, clearing of traffic routes


What pre-planning is required for radiation Hazards?

Visit locations, contact technically qualified person, determine hazard and handling, forward information to all companies due on a box


What should be done for a chemical spill or fire with no information?

IC will attempt to ID agent from bills of lading, placards, person responsible for handling, Contact Chemtrec, If unavailable contact OUC to request information


When a fire involves a warehouse or store with food or drugs that may be affected, who is notified?

OUC (smoke contamination, lack of refrigeration)


Overhead power lines can potentially carry how much voltage in DC?

132,000 volts


Related to down wires, when can a company go in service?

If no fire has resulted or is likely to result and MPD is on scene for warning/safety


If a down wire is arcing or fire is likely to occur who should stay on the scene?

One Engine Co


Define Rekindle

Recurrence of fire in a tenantable building within an 8 hour period after the departure of the last company from the fire ground, which upon investigation is found to have been an extension of the original fire


How much time should a member have before being detailed to a rescue squad?

3 years, unless adjusted by DFC Ops and BFC SpOps