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How many hours of AL will be credited per pay period with less than 3 years of service?

4.5 hours Ops Division
4 hours Other Divisions


How many hours of AL will be credited per pay period with 3 but less than 15 years of service?

7 hours Ops Division
6 hours Other Divisions (10 hrs in last pay period of calendar year)


Hoe many hours of AL will be credited per pay period with 15 or more years?

9 hours Ops Division
8 hours Other Divisions


Officers / Members in a non-pay status for a full pay period (80/87 hrs), shall make healthcare payments to who?

DC Treasury, if payment is not received member will lose benefits & can't enroll again until open enrollment


How many hours of AL can be carried over to the next year?

264 - Ops Division
240 - Other Divisions


When will excess leave carried over be removed from your leave balance?

Automatically reduced at beginning of 1st biweekly pay period to permissible balance


What are reasons for a member to request restored AL?

When urgency of public business, illness or admin error has forced them to forfeit excess AL


What form must a member submit to request restored AL & when?

Form 11.2 must be in payroll office by close of business February 15th & attach disapproved SF-71's


How long does a member have to use restored leave?

End of leave year ending 2 years after date of restoration. (time limit starts when member is in a status to use restored leave)


How does a member use restored leave?

SF-71 by checking box marked other, & using notation "restored leave"


Can members take compensatory time in lieu of Holiday Pay?



Is John Landi the coolest guy ever?

Without a doubt!


Who approves / denies EAL?

The BFC or DFC


The deciding BFC/DFC shall deny EAL for what reasons?

Legitimate emergency doesn't exist, employee's presence is needed to maintain minimum public services, member should have known they would need leave that date, & it would require the Dept. to back fill the position


How long is EAL granted for?

Increments of 1 hour up to full tour of duty


When can a member request EAL?

At least 1 hour prior to reporting time, not more then 6 hours before


All EAL requests granted or denied require a special report from the member the following tour of duty (including special event or WDO), including what info?

Reason leave was necessary, Measures taken to alleviate need for EAL, when member was made aware of emergency, name of chief who granted & how many hours, dates & number of EAL granted per occurrence in last 12 months


What form does a member use to request AL?



Civilian employees shall use the reverse side of what form for SL certification?



Uniformed firefighters will use what form for SL certification?

Form 44 (except SF-71 may be used to request SL for optical or dental appointment)


When do leave assignments begin?

1st day of 1st full work week of the new year


All leave assignments should be submitted in duplicate by when?

December 1st prior to next leave year


Any member using or declining an assigned leave period has to submit what form & when?

Form 11 at least 7 days prior to leave period


What happens to a transferred members leave period?

They are assigned the leave period of the person they replaced. However if they have submitted a prior leave request, it will try to be accommodated.


Can members exchange leave assignments of the same platoon without restriction as to rank or battalion assignment?



AL for less than 1 day shall be granted to all members in multiples of?

1 hour


How many leave periods do uniform personnel assigned to a 42 hour work week get?

3 if earning 4.5 hours AL, 4 if earning 7 hours, 5 if earning 9 hours. Advance 3 leave periods a year


How many periods do civilian & uniform personnel assigned to a 40 hour work week get?

3 if earning 4 hours AL, 4 if earning 6 hours, 5 if earning 8 hours. Advance 4 periods a year


If an employee has accumulated leave above the maximum threshold, granting additional leave periods is at the sole discretion of who?

Fire Chief in accordance with Chapter 12 of DPM