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What are the fire prevention division branches?

Fire Marshal, Admin, General Code Enforcement, Technical Code Enforcement, Fire/Arson Investigation, Juvenile Fire Starters Program, Fire Safety Education (Public Outreach)


Technical Code Enforcement Section deals with:

Hazmat, Health Care Facilities, Institutional Facilities


Fire Prevention Inspections (firefighting division) are made by:

Members assigned to Engines, Trucks, RS


Inspection Building Classes:

Class A – High Rise 6 stories or 75 feet
Class B – Mid Rise over 3 stories
Class C – 3 stories or less


Who establishes inspection routes?

Captains of Engine Companies


What is inspected during building inspections?

Exit doors unlocked, can be opened without a key or special knowledge
Sleeping room in basement has window, outside door or two independent doors for egress
Exit signs illuminated
Fire escapes in safe condition, without storage
No storage on stairs, fire escapes or exits and two feet below ceiling
High rises have approved emergency evacuation plan
Alarm system in service
Control valves for sprinklers, standpipes open, connections unobstructed and identified
Smoke detectors outside of sleeping areas present and operable
Fire Extinguishers serviced
Combustible liquids properly stored
Fire regulations posted in lobby of apartments/condos


Building Inspection Report Forms

Form 22 Building Inspection Report, Form 45 Building Report, Form 45.1 Sprinkler Standpipe Report


Building Inspection Report Forms

Form 22 Building Inspection Report, Form 45 Building Report, Form 45.1 Sprinkler Standpipe Report


Potentially life threatening situations that can’t be abated immediately require what?

Call FPD or Fire/Arson Investigations or go through OUC


Who must approve of an inspection to private residence?

Occupant NOT landlords or managers


Is consent required to inspect public areas in stores, restaurants, hotels, apartments?



If access is denied to a public area for inspection what do you do?

Stop, contact FPD


When may a private area or non-public area of a business be entered without consent?

Exigent circumstances (life threatening conditions that require immediate attention to prevent serious harm or death) (likely to cause a fire within the next few hours: electrical wires, propane leak, hazmat)
Contact BFC and FPD


Fourth Amendment:

Protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure


Company Inspections “On Air” follow these general rules:

Locations prioritized by unusual hazards
Companies placed OOS for 1-2 hours
Private Dwellings June 1-August 31 1730-2000
Multi Dwellings 1000-1200 and 1300-1500


Inspections are also canceled when:

Street Drills are canceled


When there is a multiple alarm what are companies to do that are performing “On Air” inspection?

Return to quarters


Informative Inspections are conducted every___ and cover what?

3 months, description: height, number of stairways, elevators, fire escapes, construction, utility cut-offs, number of stories, sprinklers standpipes, floor plan, Area map


On metro inspections when should OUC be notified?

Prior to entering and leaving underground portions of Metro


What should members carry / wear when inspecting metro shafts?

Flashlight, helmet


Who should be notified when inspecting metro stations?

Kiosk Attendant


When in the proximity of a metro track bed, describe hand and arm signals used to advise train operators to approach or stop.

Wave flashlight arm up and down parallel to the track bed to tell the operator to stop. Wave flashlight back and forth perpendicular to the track to signal the train to stop.


What is the form for metro emergency exit shaft inspections?

Form 170.5


Who is excluded from security details?



What is a return to the scene response?

Combined effort of FP and FF Divisions to provide fire and life safety education to the community following a fire death or traumatic event. A box it taken with Handouts, smoke detectors and batteries


Describe the procedure for emergency building closure:

Contact OUC for a BFC or Fire Investigator/FPD


What should a citizen provide in order to receive a smoke detector from the Give away program?

Valid DC driver’s license, and fill out a Form 129


Who should a company contact to have a knox box installed?

Complete application from the Knox Company or Office of the Fire Marshal


What happens if a Knox box key is lost?

Must be reported (Art XIX sec 17). Fire Marshal is liaison with Knox Company


What is the only document that can be provided to insurance companies, investigators and others making Freedom of Information Act requests?

NFIRS report


Whose responsibility is it to fill out the NIFRS report?

1st Due Company Officer


If a Fire Investigator has responded to an incident, what must the 1st due company officer obtain for a NIFRS report prior to leaving the scene?

Fire Cause Determination