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Who comprises the Retirement and Relief Board?

Composed of one (1) member and one (1) alternate from each of the following offices: the D.C. Personnel Office, Office of the Attorney General (OAG), Department of Human Services, Metropolitan Police Department and the D.C. Fire and EMS Department and two (2) members, one (1) of whom will be a physician, appointed from among persons who are not officers or employees of the District of Columbia.
(Art XIII, Sec 1)


What is the mandatory retirement age?

Members of the Department approaching the age of sixty-four (64) years will submit a Special Report to the appropriate Assistant Fire Chief sixty (60) days prior to reaching their 64th birthday. stating the date on which the specified age will be reached .. Currently, there are no exceptions for members having reached the mandatory retirement age of 64.
(Art XIII, Sec 2)


May a member elect to receive a reduced annuity?

yes, Any member retiring under the provisions of this Article may, at the time of such retirement, elect to receive a reduced annuity in lieu of the full annuity and designate, in writing, the person (surviving spouse or child) to receive an increased annuity upon their death. (Art XIII, Sec 3)


To whom and when does a member report when seeking optional retirement? (As opposed to forced due to age)

Members who intend to retire are expected to report to the DC Fire and EMS Department's Human Resources Office Sixty (60) days prior to their projected retirement date to obtain a Retirement Packet. (Art XIII, Sec 4)


To whom must members submit a special report indicating their intent to retire?

Members must also prepare a Special Report submitted through the Chain of Command with all endorsements addressed to the Fire Chief. This report shall contain the date the member wishes to retire and a request to waive the retirement physical, if so desired. Information from the report will be used to prepare the Department retirement letter to be signed by the Chief; you will be notified by staff in the Office of the Fire Chief once the report and letter are ready for pick-up. (Art XIII, Sec 4)


What form must be filled out by the member wishing to retire?

Members must complete the F&EMSD Form 40.1 and provide all requested information and documentation prior to separation from the Department.
(Art XIII, Sec 4)


May members appear before the retirement board?

Applicants for optional retirement generally will not be required to make a personal appearance before the Retirement Board but may be required to do so at the Board's discretion. Those who express a desire to do so may personally appear before the Board.
(Art XIII, Sec 5)


Where do members report for their exit interview?

Members who retire, resign or separate from the Department will report to the Employee Benefits Office for an exit interview. (Art XIII, Sec 6)


When is the member to complete the FD form 40.1?

Company officers and supervisors will allow the employee sufficient time during duty hours to accomplish the required clearance actions depending on the circumstances (Art XIII, Sec 7)


Will members in the process of resigning be placed on administrative leave?

no, members who are in the process of resigning will not be placed on Administrative Leave. They will either use Annual Leave or be placed on Administrative Duty.
(Art XIII, Sec 7)