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Who is available to assist with guidelines for adverse/Disciplinary actions?

Office of Compliance OOC


Disciplinary actions are governed by what?

Collective Bargaining Agreement and CH 16 DPM


How much advance notice are members entitled to for adverse actions?

15 days (hours)


How much advance notice are members entitled to for corrective actions?

10 days (Form 169 counseling form goes in file)


Is Enforced leave a Corrective or Adverse action?



How are disciplinary reporting procedures / special reports unique?

They are to be EXPEDITED


List what the officers in the CoC should do for when initiating disciplinary action

Interview members/witnesses and obtain written reportsPrepare record of information which identifies persons, places and statements/docs on recordDetermine if a violation has occurred, state article and section of Order Book or Rules and Regs involved and individual involved with appropriate cause listed in Section 1603, Chapter 16 of the DPMReview member’s personnel record, cite relevant factors (length of employment, prior discipline including 169’s over past 3 years) prior infractions need not be for the same causeForward reports through CoC to AFC


What choices does an AFC have for referring a Disciplinary case?

Refer to DIBBFC conferenceDFC conferenceTrial Board


Who is in a Disciplinary Investigation Board DIB and for how long?

3 Captains, 18 months (rotate at 6 months (chair at 12 months))


A DIB Submits what form to the AFC recommending these groups for determining action?

Form 2.2Trial Board (suspension 120 hours up to termination)DFC Conference (suspension 72 hours to 120 hours)BFC Conference (Reprimand to w72 hour suspension)No Further Action


Under what article does the DIB have authority to interview members and how much notice is given to members prior to the interview date?

(in accordance with article 8 of collective bargaining agreement) DIB will submit a Form 2.1 (notification of DIB interview) 7 days prior to interview


Investigation of Motor Vehicle Accidents Form?

Form 7


Notice of Charges will be served to member within how long of incident?

75 days or when employer becomes aware


How much time after notification of future charges will member be notified of the Proposed Action?

60 days after initial notification


List offenses that would constitute being sent to a BFC Conference:



List offenses that would constitute being sent to a DFC Conference:

(72-120 hour suspension) Late for duty more than 3 times Conduct unbecoming AWOL more than 12 hours At fault for major accident Insubordination Serious violations More than 3 infractions of same offense within a 3 year period


How long does a member have to appeal a BFC or DFC conference decision?

15 days


Does signing a document being delivered to a member constitute admission of guilt?



What are “Douglas Factor Considerations”?

Relevant surrounding information such as employee history, impact on department, intentions


Discipline files are private and may only be disclosed by?

Court order or member consent


List some random fucken Fire Trial Board Facts:

Powers set forth in Reorganization Order No 39For penalties ranging from: termination, demotion, suspension of 120 hours or moreOffice of compliance writes Initial Notification- Hearing shall fallow within 180 daysConsists of 2 BFC’s and 2 Captains (30-90 days) Decisions due in Compliance office within 14 daysReviewed and issued by Fire ChiefMember can appeal to Office of Employee Appeals OEA, or arbitration in cases of termination


An insubordinate member may be:

relieved from duty on the spot on admin leave and return the following tour, unless extended by AFC. Special report due stating violations


Enforced Leave Fun Facts:

(by AFC) for falsified documents, felony charge, charge that bears relationship to positionAdmin leave for 5 days, annual leave, comp time used- prior to Enforced leave without pay until decision is rendered.Member will be notified verbally during the 5 day period with written notice to follow. Member can respond within a day of verbal notification with explanation. AFC will make a decision; member has 10 days to appeal. If enforced leave lasts more than 10 days, member can appeal to OEA within 30 days of enforced leave dateIf charges are dropped, leave will be reimbursed, if penalty is less than leave used during proceeding, the additional leave used will be restored


Describe process officer will use for Suspected Intoxication:

With Probable Cause, Relieve member from duty, Order them to submit to tests -if they refuse, remind them they are in violation of a direct order and this could lead to disciplinary action, keep them under observation, contact PFC and request exam in quarters/be guided by doctor’s advice, place the company out of service, notify BFC-if they agree, contact PFC and be guided by doctor’s advice, place the company out of service, notify BFC


What are the BFC’s actions in regards to a member Suspected of Intoxication?

BFC shall report to member’s quarters. If member refused, wait for PFC repIf member agrees to test, contact TAEU of MPD for evaluation, transport member to TAEU to obtain written test resultsSuspect Drug use, M-F transport to MSO, if after hours, order member to report at 0700 the following dayIf they need medical attention, take them to the ERHave member report to MSO the day following or next day it is openObtain opinion from physician, cite member if necessary Follow up with physician to see if more visits are necessary to determine narcotic addiction


What constitutes Tardiness, how can it be handled?

Being late up to 1 hour, if excusable charge AL or SL, if AWOL, charge AWOL and notify BFC / document on Form 1199-A