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What is the 1st action a nurse does to a full term newborn immediately after birth

Dry the newborn
Apgar scores should be given 1 and 5 min after birth


How often should infants breastfeed?

Infants who are breastfed should feed on demand. The infant should latch onto the nipple and aerola to prevent breast soreness. The avg time to feed is 15-20 min per breast.


What is the purpose of betamethasone

It is a corticosteroid used to increase the release of lung surfactant, which improves fetal lung maturity to prevent or decrease respiratory distress syndrome in preterm newborns between 24 and 34 weeks gestation. The mother should receive 2 doses of betamethasone 12mg Imp 24 hr apart


What can facilitate acceptance of a newborn to a toddler



What is deceleration

A decrease in the fetal HR below the fetal baseline HR


What is true of prolonged decelerations

They may result in fetal death If there is no response to intrauterine rescuitation. A C section should be prepared if the pattern is not corrected.


What may cause late decelerations

Uteroplacental insufficiency may cause late decelerations and require nursing interventions which include changing maternal position, increasing IV fluids, discontinuing oxytocin, administer 8-10L do O2 via face mask and delivering the newborn if fetal HR pattern is persistent and does not respond to resuscitative measures.


What can cause variable decelerations

Cord compression which is typically transient and respond well to nursing interventions


What can cause early decelerations

Compression of the fetal head during uterine contractions
They are benign


A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving oxytocin for augmentation of labor, the fetus is having HR decelerations that begin and end suddenly, they are also V shaped, what is a priority nursing intervention

The greatest risk to the fetus is decreased uteroplacental perfusion from umbilical cord compression; therefore the priority nursing intervention is to change the clients position to reliev the pressure on the umbilical cord.


Discontinuing oxytocin does what

Stops contractions


How often should a newborn be bathed

Every other day
Avoid bathing the newborn daily because it can cause dryness and alter the acid mantle of the newborns skin.
Instruct parents to wait for the cord to fall off before immersing the baby in a tub bath. Keep the bath water between 36.6 and 37.2 degrees ( 98-99 degrees Fahrenheit)
No soap only warm water between baths.


What is true of Rh immune globulin

Woman who are Rh negative should receive Rhogam within 72 hr if delivering a baby who is Rh+ to prevent the development of antibodies that might harm the fetus during a subsequent pregnancy, it only requires 1 dose and is Not given to the newborn.