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How much weight should the newborn gain

110-200g per week for the first 3 months


How often should breastfeeding occur in a day

8-12 times in a 24 hour period


What is colostrum

It is secreted from the mothers breast postpartum days 1-3
It contains the igA immunoglobulin that provides passive immunity to the newborn


What is the let down reflex

Stimulation of the maternal nipple releases oxytocin that causes the let down of milk


How should the nurse respond when the patient states she feels uterine cramps during breastfeeding

They are normal, it results from oxytocin which also promotes uterine involution


Should a mother burp a newborn who is breastfeeding

Yes, burp the baby between each breast


What patient education should be given to a mother who is breastfeeding

Tell her to begin the newborns next feeding with the breast she ended with
Explain stool may have a loose, pale, and or yellow appearance and this is normal for a breastfed baby


What products have been reported to increase breast milk

Prescription meds such as metocloclopramide ( Reglan)


How long can breast milk be stored for

It can be stored at room temp under very clean conditions for up to 8 hr.
It may be refrigerated in sterile bottles for use within 8 days, or. May be frozen in sterile containers for up to 6 months
Breast milk may be stored in a deep freezer for 12 months


What is the best way to thaw milk

In the refrigerator for 24 hours to preserve the immunoglobulins present in it


How long can prepared formula be stored

It can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours


If a bottle fed baby is spitting , what may this indicate

The baby may have a allergy or intolerance to cow milk based formula and may require a soy based formula


Name a breastfeeding position

Cradle position


What is the chin supported position good for

Burping the baby


What is a appropriate loss of weight for a newborn

5%- 10% immediately following birth ( they may regain weight 10-14 hours after birth)


When should newborn weights be performed

Daily in the nursery.
At 2 days of age upon discharge for breastfed babies.
At 6 weeks of age upon discharge for formula fed babies.


What is failure to thrive

Slow weight gain
A newborn usually falls beneath the 5th percentile on the growth chart