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Behavioral signs of latent phase (stage 1)

- Calm/happy
- Talkative
- Connected to others


Behavioral signs of active phase (stage 1)

- Focused/aware of contractions
- More difficult to have a conversation even when contractions aren't happening


Behavioral signs of transition phase (stage 1)

- Fall asleep btw contractions
- Flushed face around nose/cheeks/chest from cervical dilation and vasodilation


Second stage

- Completely dilated until birth of baby
- May start pushing
- Intense focus and distressed
- Notable furrowed brow and jaw
- Many women are relieved (especially once baby is born)
- Becomes alert and aware of environment


Third stage

- Birth of placenta


Nursing Considerations for when a woman comes in during early labor

1. Send her home
2. Observe - walk into unit but don't give her a room yet. Go to waiting area or early labor area; recheck in 2 hours
3. Admit - should progress and same person should do check each time; want 3-4 cm dilated before admit (active labor)


Nursing Considerations during active and transition labor

- Keep mom as relaxed as possible
- Shower/accupressure/aromatherapy/etc



- Engaged = presenting part at ischial spines
0 = at line of ischial spines
-1 = 1 cm above ischial spines
+1 = 1 cm below ischial spines
+4 = crowning
+5 = out