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Symptoms of atypical pneumonia

Non-productive cough, fever, maculopapular rash, bilateral crackles


Chest Xray result for atypical pneumonia

Bilateral fluffy infiltrates. Less “solid” and distinct. More in bronchi and bronchioles


Result of sputum for atypical pneumonia

Neutrophils but no organisms


Most likely causes of atypical pneumonia?

Mycoplasma pneumonia (Xray looks worse than patient)


Mycoplasma pneumoniae description

Small, no cell wall (no gram stain!), Virulence factors: has sterols like human cells (evades), P1 (binds epithelial cells), H2O2.


Mycoplasma pneumoniae pathogenesis

From droplets. Actually line up on bronchi and bronchioles, but not alveoli. H2O2 damages cilia and they die and slough off. Some ABs cross react and cause hemolysis or RBC agglutination at cold Temp


Extra-pulmonary symptoms of M pneumoniae

Rash, Cardiac abnormalities, Aseptic meningitis or encephalitis, Polyarthralgias


How to confirm Mycoplasm?

Hard, takes time. PCR, culture, or serology - usually a few weeks. Acid fast stain? No, only for TB


What other bacteria can cause atypical pneumonia?

Chlamydia sp (also don’t show up well on gram stain) and Legionella