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caused by fungal infection like candida. White lesions in oral cavity (possible indicator of HIV)


Importance of candidemia

common cause of hospitalization, 30% death rate, but treatable if ID’d early on


Name the 5 most common Candida spp causing human infection.

C albicans (most common), C glabrata, C tropicalis, C parapsilosis, C krusei.


Source of Candida

Normal flora of skin, mouth, GI, vagina.


Blood and tissue analysis of candida

Budding years and filamentous forms and yeast forms. Assume it’s candida (most common)


Name risk factors for the development of candidal infections

Immunocompromised (HIV, other); burn patients; skin lesions; having lines in place; long term antibiotics; prolonged neutropenia; prematurity; chemo; diabetes


Common predisposing factors for oropharyngeal candidiasis

Disruption of anatomic barries (radiation, dentures, other), decrease antifungal actively of saliva (glands abnormal or radiation), T cell abnormal (HIV or corticosteroids), neturopenia (chemo)


Common predisposing factors for invasive candidiasis

Disruption of anatomic barriers (perforation, surgery, catheters), phagocyte deficiency (diabetes, chemo), neutropenia (chemo)


Treatment of candida infection

Systemic: all positive cultures require treatment! Remove lines! (tough call but way better outcome to replace them than to leave them in). Keep following up after to ensure it stops growing. Look in the eyes (endopthalmitis in 10%).


Describe the general clinical manifestations of Candida infections.

Thrush, vaginitis, diaper rash. In immunocompromised host, esophageal candidiasis, endopthalmitis, endocarditis, UTI, hepatosplenic abscess, peritonitis, meningitis. Fever is common across the board.


Name three antifungals that can be used for the treatment of Candida spp.

IV fluconazole (resistance increasing) or amphotericin B for stable pt; Caspofungin or amphotericin B for instable pt. Nystatin mouthwash for oral.