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Which IV disc is most likely to rupture?

lumbar discs esp L4/5 and L5/S1


what is the presentation of pain in a prolapsed disc?

severepain on coughing, sneezing or twisting a few days after back strain, may radiate to buttock or leg if the herniated nucleus pulposus compresses a nerve root


When is a discectomy required with a disc prolepse?

in cauda equina syndrome; progressive muscular weakness or continuing pain


When might cause cauda equina in a disc prolapse

if the disc prolapses in the lower lumbar region centrally


What causes spinal claudication?

when there is a narrowing of the lumbar spinal canal or its lateral recesses caused by facet joint OA


how does spinal claudication present?

pain worse on walking with aching and heaviness in one or both legs causing the person to stop walking- pain improves which leaning forward, pain on extension


what is the surgical option for spinal stenossi?

canal decompression and stabilisation (fusion)


What is the presentation of facet arthropathy?

stiff in the morning- have to loosen up, are restless and have difficulty sitting and driving. worse with extension and better with activiity. radiates to buttocks and legs