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3 Types of comfort responses

-Relief from discomfort
-arrival at a state of ease


Attentive listening

Takes into consideration what is being said verbally as well as the nonverbal cues the patient is sending
requires identifying themes in clients thoughts as well as any defense mechanisms the client may be using
attentive listening requires that the client not the nurse close the conversation



Method of eliciting clearer or more specific information.
For example ”describe where you feel the pain.”


Focusing as a communication technique

Technique that helps patients recognize their underlying feelings or state their main concerns.
For example “it sounds as if you’re saying that you’re going to need help for a few days while you learn to maneuver with the cast.”



Redirecting statements or comments back to the client.
client asks a question “do you think I will be able to Give myself insulin at home?”
Nurse says “do you think you will be able to?”