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Symptoms seen in the 4 stages of acetaminophen toxicity

1st stage - maybe no symptoms, pallor, sweating, N/V, normal LFTs

2nd stage- RUQ pain or elevated LFTs maybe

3rd stage- hepatic failure with encephalopathy

4th stage- survival or death


When are pneumatic compression devices worn?

Only while in bed.
Removed when sitting or walking


Secondary prevention focuses on:

Screening, diagnosis and treatment of existing health problems


When examining eyes, what are some common geriatric eye findings that may not be normal in younger eyes?

The sclerae are light yellow.
The pupils recover slowly after being stimulated by a penlight.
There is a whitish gray ring and circling the periphery of the iris.

Photophobia is NOT a normally occurring aging process.


What is accommodation in regards to the eye.?

Accommodation is the ability of the lens to adjust to various distances.


Ultraviolet light exposure is associated with what kind of problem in the eyes?o

UV light exposure Is associated with the accelerated development of cataracts


How often does a person usually blink?

Approximately 15 times per minute


What kind of oral medication might have adverse effects with glaucoma drops?

Beta blockers —because that is the category of medications used to treat glaucoma.

Atropine sulfate —used as a mydriatic to dilate the pupil. blocks the drainage of aqueous humor. if used by a client has glaucoma it could cause increased intraocular pressure.


What is the Snellen chart?

Tests visual acuity for distance



Farsightedness. Normal loss of near vision that occurs with age.


Jaeger chart

Assesses near vision. Presbyopia


What might be suspected if you see a bluish tinged tympanum?

Acute otitis media, which requires immediate care to prevent perforation of the tympanum.


How glaucoma treated?

treated by drugs that constrict the pupil and allow for the escape of aqueous humor and that reduce intraocular pressure


What is a class of drugs that are adrenergic blocking agents used to treat glaucoma?

And what is a serious side effect of these drugs?

Beta blockers

Most serious adverse reaction is an exacerbation in asthma. Could also cause photophobia, burning, tearing, and blurred vision.


Keratitis- what is it and what is a drug that treats it?

Inflammation of the cornea

treated with topical idoxuridine (stoxil)


What does a mydriatic eye drop do to the eye?

What about miotic drop?

Mydriatic: Dilates the pupil. Also constricts blood vessels. Often used preoperatively for cataract surgery.

Miotic: constricts the pupil


Name some topical and systemic side effects of miotic drugs (constricts pupil)

Topical adverse reactions include blurred vision, Eye aches and brow ache.
Systemic adverse reactions include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and increased salivation.


What race / ethnicity of people have highest prevalence of hearing loss?


Hearing loss: Whites

Glaucoma: African Americans


Cone receptors I the eye are responsible for seeing what?



What are some symptoms of acute angle closure glaucoma?

Unilateral eye inflammation,

pain, pressure over his eye,

blurred and decreased visual acuity,

seeing halos around lights,

nausea and vomiting